Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Feeding Frenzy

Dade started eating solids when he was 5 months and 3 days old.  I am aware that WHO and UNICEF recommend waiting until the 6th month to introduce solids to breastfed babies but because Dade lost weight while we were on holiday in Manila,  I gave in to hubby's suggestion to feed solids to our son.

two of Dade's many spoons

His first bite of real food was mashed potatoes with milk.  I wanted to give him organic whole grain cereal but I wasn't sure if there was any in Manila.  Thanks to Mama and Papa who bought the organic potatoes from Market! Market!

When we arrived back to Dubai, we went shopping for Dade's pantry supplies at Organic Food & Cafe.  Now we're frequent shoppers of the largest organic store in the UAE.  These are the produce we usually get the little squirt for his meals:

produce from the organic store

- potatoes
- carrots
- squash

- sweet potatoes
- butternut squash
- broccoli

And we use this to mash them:

a super economical baby food grinder

After grinding the food, we keep them in these containers:

a clever food container (and BPA-free, too)

refilled for storage

Afterwards, we freeze them baby cubes.  Whenever it's time to feed Dade, we just take out one cube of 2 oz, warm it in his food/bottle warmer, and add milk or water to smoothen its texture.  But because he's always so hungry these days, we might have to start feeding him more than one cube.

For his breakfast, we buy him this brand of cereals:

I like the this brand because the box contains nothing but organic wholegrain flakes, and it's gluten-free, too.   And now that he's 7 months old, we got him the Earth's Best Wholegrain Oatmeal.  He takes it with milk sprinkled with some broccoli.

We stocked up on some bottled organic food, too, just in case.  We usually pack a jar in Dade's bag as back up food when we're out and about.

he can finish a jar in less than 5 minutes. seriously!

My favorite is the Earth's Best variety because most of their stuff do not contain salt and sugar -- just vegetables and water.  I buy the green vegetable variants since they're the most tedious ones to manually prepare.  Haha, cheat Mommy!

I know time for us to broaden his choices of food but I'm putting off giving him fruits because I want him to enjoy having vegetables at this age.  I'm afraid that if he tastes anything sweet, he might take a liking to it, and prefer having them than his veggies.

Now i'm in pursuit of the best baby biscuit available in town as I see that he has taken an interest on putting things on his mouth to much on.  Any suggestions?


andrea said...

supermom! akin na lang diary mu para when I got preggy, marami akong tips. hehehe

Eper said...

We also give Q iron-enriched organic rice cereal and we mix it w/ diff fruits & veggies. We boil chicken and add that too. But he loves his fresh fruits and veggies! We make his food from scratch every 3 days but we don't freeze it. It keeps in the ref for 3 days but even before that ubos na nya :)

Crinklynose said...

heee, i'm sure you and ryan had fun seeing dade the first time he had solid food - parang mauubusan ng pagkain na takaw na takaw :o) it wasn't too long ago when mikka would make us laugh our lungs out kasi because she was so excited about having a different taste of food :o)

try small puffs for dade like dr sear's happy baby organic puffs. so easy to melt on the mouth kaya no worries for us moms. mikka learned how to feed herself with this snack. she still enjoys eating them hanggang ngayon. only 25 calories for 75 pcs kaya kahit marami, sige lang. no sugar added and they have veggies flavor :o)

sana magustuhan din ni dade :o)

here's the link to their website sis: http://www.happybabyfood.com/our-products

Gracie said...

@ Drea - naku hindi ah! just learning all these through reading & following other mommies out there na mas experienced. don't worry, when you get preggy, i'll offer tips sa'yo.

Gracie said...

@ Berns - super tuwa kami, Berns! he gets angry pag matagal ang interval ng subo ng food. haha! Dade's very easy to feed.

thanks for sharing the oraganic puffs. we'll try them out. hugs to Mikka!

Gracie said...

@ Eper - kakatuwa these kids, no? ang tatakaw! sana they'll eat their veggies & fruits forever!!

kami naman we freeze Dade's food kse we read that freezing retains the veggies' nutrients compared to refrigerating.

Krista said...

Okay, I'm trying really hard not to panic. I know we've still got a looong way to go before I have to worry about these things, but I can't help but wonder where am I ever going to find these in Manila?? I doubt if we have as much choices of organic food. Oh well, at least I still have a year to prepare for it. Hopefully by then, they'd be available in the Phils already :)

Gracie said...

hi Krista,
not to worry, my dear. i'm sure these things will sprout in Manila by the time Baby F is ready to explore food other than milk. going back to basics to is the in thing nowadays. i'm sure the Philippines will follow suit. if you need anything, you know you can always approach me :)

Jacqui Co-Soriano said...

thanks on the foodie tip.. Migo will start this weekend na, after his check up with his pedia. Ask muna kami ng GO signal, officially! :)

But already bought at Healthy Options earlier rice cereal and earth's best 1st carrots, and 1st apples. :)

I like yun cube trays, let me know if may supplier ka ha ... or baka i can use ordinary plastic jars din noh? hehehe!

Gracie said...

hi Jacqui,
glad i was somehow able to help with this post :)
i bought the Babycubes online (eBay). they're about $8-10 a set of 8. pina-ship ko na lang dito from the US. check mo sa Multiply if they have. meron ding version ang Beaba but more expensive & mukhang ice trays na silicon, although bpa-free din. i love this product -- super useful! :)

mm said...

try marie biscuits coz it easily melts in the mouth

Mich said...

I love that Munchkin food equipment. It was very handy and so easy to use!