Thursday, March 18, 2010

Dade’s favorite time of the day

…is playing in his Exersaucer!

Dade's favorite toy of all

When my Dad was here last August, he left me some cash to buy a really nice toy for his first boy apo.  We kept the money until it was time for us to get the Exersaucer we wanted for Dade.  Around his 4th month, we noticed that Dade could already well bear his weight on his legs, and enjoyed standing on our laps so we thought maybe it was time to get him the toy.

We were so thankful we went to Toys R’ Us at the right time because the 3-in-1 Exersaucer was on WOW weekend sale at 50% off. from AED 699 (USD 190), we only got it for AED 349 (USD 95).  What a steal, right?

He loves it to bits, and spends 30 minutes each day to bond with his ‘friends’.  He likes the sounds, the lights, and the bendable flowers (which he sometimes chews on when he thinks no one is looking), but hates the bugs so he takes them out one by one and drops them to the floor.

bug pickin'

I am so glad my little one has this toy to keep him preoccupied while hubby and I face our chores, watch TV or eat together at the dining table.  Truly a great entertainer for babies!


Eper said...

Quino has outgrown his exersaucer :( One more "babysitter" scratched off the list.

Gracie said...

hi Eper,
i hope Dade doesn't outgrow it just yet. it's truly a good babysitter! haha!