Monday, March 15, 2010

At The tail End

My milk supply is dwindling, and I could feel that one of these days, my breastfeeding career would finally end. Since Dade’s 5th & a half month, I was left with no choice but to mix feed because I couldn’t keep up with his demands despite the solid food feeding. He was thin and frail after we came back from the holidays, and I was worried he isn’t getting enough nourishment. Nonetheless, I still kept expressing milk at work, and I make sure he latches on to me everytime we’re together. I also nurse him through the night still.

To be honest, I dread the day he would stop nursing completely -- I would definitely miss breastfeeding him! BFng is the ultimate bonding moment I have with my son, and I don’t think I’m ready to give up just yet. Just thinking about it makes me wanna cry :'(


cheche said...

same tyo. ewan ko ba pero when cayden turned 6months taps he started eating solids, humina na ung milk supply ko. the demand was there naman.

im kinda torn with the issue of weaning. like you, i dont want it to end kasi i feel we bond more when he's feeding. pero on the otherhand, parang i want him to wean na din kasi it's getting stressful for me. parang it's physically straining na.

hay, they are just growing up fast :,(

Gracie said...

hi cheche,
i'm so glad you left a comment here. i felt alone like a bad Mommy kasi eh :(
i know that expressing could be stressful na talaga. ako nga there are times i feel like it's a chore already, especially when i'm at work. but whenever i think of Dade, i feel guilty...and lagi kong naaalala na we'll have less bonding time if i stop expressing kasi the milk would altogether stop.
yah, they're growing up sooo fast talaga! :'(