Monday, February 1, 2010

Happy 6th Month, Dade!

To my sweet little munchkin, happy 6th month birthday to you!

Look how much you've grown over the weeks...

Daddy's little boy

Ninang B's apple of the eye

happy baby

Aawww, you're getting cuter & cuter each day with your smile. How I wish I can keep you this small & precious forever!

Love you so much, my baby!


cheche said...

happy 6month dade!! i love the mag ama pic, such a cutie!! cuddles fr cayden

Eper said...

Happy 6th month handsome boy! :) My how big you've grown!

Joanne MV said...

Laki na ni Dade. Kahawig mo sya sis kapag ngumingiti ;)

Joanne MV said...

Btw sis, about the Longchamp Eiffel na na bili mo it's a great buy ha. Dito kasi they are selling it from Php 9k-12k. Ouch!

shelly said...

happy 6 months little mr. hotshot! i think he looks so much like you na mommy gracie =)

tracypamela said...

Happy 6th month Dade!! He's so cuuuuttee!!!

Crinklynose said...

abaaa, 6 months na si dade! sooo fast!!! happy 6th month sweetie!!!

Gracie said...

@ Che - thanks! big hug to your little boy, too!

@ Eper - thank you! he sure is big now. ang bilis!

@ Joanne - thank you, sis! marami ngang nagsabi na i look a lot like him. and yes, murang-mura talaga ang Longchamp dito.

@ Shelly - thanks, my dear! boy version ko ang baby na yan eh :)

@ Tracy - thank you! well, we do have cute babies -- what can we say? :)

@ Berns - thanks, dear! ang bilis-bilis ano?