Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sick As A Dog

I hate to say this, but I've been sick since the year started. What a way to start the new decade!

I know that my body has succumbed to the stresses it went through while we were on holiday in Manila. Add the fact that people around us were sick, as well. A day before we flew out of the Philippines, I caught the flu bug so I was literally sick on the plane. Thankfully, I didn't have a fever, or else I would've been bumped off the flight. And good thing my son was cooperative because he slept on the bassinet without the need for much prodding. I barfed at the aircraft's toilet because my cough was just intolerable (sorry -- TMI!), and I nursed a headache since we took off (my drama moment added to my misery -- more on that later).

When we reached Dubai, I knew I'd be so sick I won't be able to report for work come Sunday. My throat was scratchy and my eyes welled up with tears. I had to see a doctor the day I was supposed to go back to work, and was advised to stay at home for another day to get some rest. I was prescribed medicines which were not lactation-friendly despite my request so I refused to take them for fear that I might pass them on to Dade thru nursing. I reported for work on the week's hump day, Tuesday, which is our midweek in this side of the world. I thought I was ok until I experienced the same symptoms early Monday morning. I went on sick leave again this time doubly worried as Dade seemed to have picked up the virus from me :( We had to bring him to Welcare Hospital's ER because his fever wasn't going below 38 degrees.

Thankfully, he's a breastfed baby because his temperature went back to normal in less than 24 hours. He still has colds, and sneezes every now and then, but he seems fine. Thanks to these handy items, we were able to monitor his temp, and help suck out the mucous from his system:

Braun Thermoscan Ear Thermometer

Nosefrida Nasal Aspirator -- a treasured find from The Soft Landing

My son is now better but the Mommy isn't. I came to work today hoping to catch up on my pending work but was told to go home as I didn't sound good. I was coughing like every 10 minutes and was looking so terribly sick. Feeling embarrassed, I decided to ask permission from my boss to take the rest of the day off.  Realizing that I am not going to get better overnight, I also applied for additional two days off which leaves me the rest of the week, including the adjacent weekend, to rest and get well.

So yes, poor little me is still sick but is very much hoping to get back to my true form real soon. I am solely relying on natural remedies, and getting ample sleep to make me feel better.  Please cough & colds, go away and leave me alone!


Crinklynose said...

get well soon sis... poor thing...

Rose said...

I LOVE CLEANOZ ASPIRATOR. I bought this product for my daughter who has had horrible time breathing when she gets sick. This product worked perfectly and was able to alleviate my daughters struggling to breathe. All I did was drop a few drops of Cleanoz saline preservative free in her nose to loosen up the snot, and then I used the Cleanoz. It was great. I had to use it a couple more times that day to help her keep breathing well. And the best part was that at the end of the day, I threw away the nozzle. I didn’t have to clean anything! The next day she was still a little congested and so I used a new nozzle piece, and it worked great again. She actually likes it now when I use the Cleanoz. She HATED the bulb syringe and I don’t want to use a disgusting mouth suction device…..