Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Playmat Hunt

Now that Dade has learned to explore his surroundings and appreciate his toys, I thought it's best to get him a playmat which he can crawl on and play at. I initially wanted the ones sold at Ace Hardware (the big, colored squares), but I'm still thinking twice because I'm not too sure if 4 pieces of those would actually fit in his nursery. I'm also concerned about the paint they use on the playmats. Are they safe and non-toxic? Lead-free? Goodness, we all know how kids can be!

I am leaning towards buying this bpa-free, phthalate-free, PVC-free Skip Hop interlocking foam tiles that i saw in Rustan's while on holiday in Manila. If only they had this color, I would've snagged it straight away:

Too bad they only have it in Pink & Brown (not that they weren't lovely, but only suitable for a girl).

Just Kidding is sellling it here for USD 135 -- double its price in the US, but that saves you the hassle of shipping.

I want to get this for the little squirt, but have no means to buy it in the US. I wonder how much shipping it via USPS costs. hmmm....

EDIT: i just calculated the cost, and yes, my calculator yielded the same amount as that of Just Kidding's. I hope they have the color I want because they only show the brights & pink & brown in their website. Gotta call them tomorrow then.


Crinklynose said...

ayy, haha, i didnt notice na green and brown pala ang gusto mo, hehee. sorry, pls ignore my previous comment.. :o)

MyHeartHasBlurted said...

Good luck in choosing what u want :)

Gracie said...

hi berns - hehe...mostly kasi ng stuff ni Dade is may shade ng green. i want neutrals kasi eh. if i don't find it here, i'll settle for the colorful ones na lang.

Gracie said...

hi hana,

thanks for swinging by my blog!