Thursday, January 28, 2010


…are very much welcome, especially if they are as pretty as these:

LV inclusion hoops.  i LVoe!

strappy Bally shoes

Luz de Luna gold wedges
Dior party shoes in my favorite color

These are from my team mate who throws the best parties in town (remember when i won this?) and adores anything designer. She used to be a Fendi girl but has now shifted to LV because of my influence (BI…hahaha!), and because she found out they never go on sale.  Thank heavens I'm back in town when she decided to clear her closet!

Today is my lucky day, and nothing can spoil it! I’m so happy I couldn’t erase this silly grin plastered on my face :D


PM said...

you are so lucky!!

Gracie said...

indeed, Pat! thanks! :)