Tuesday, January 5, 2010

All Apologies

I know by now you must have noticed a pattern whenever I go on a holiday in Manila. I go missing & end up neglecting my blog. SORRY!  I know I owe you a lot of stories & updates but with the little boy now becoming a handful, sitting down in front of the computer to log in & write a cohesive post has become extremely difficult. I haven't even had the chance to sort through the pics from his baptism (ayayay!). I promise, it will be done soon. Before you know it, my posts will also begin to pour in one by one :)

We will be traveling back to Dubai on Thursday so by Saturday (hopefully), normalcy will start to creep in our lives. I pray that all goes well in the flight (no fussy baby, please Lord!), and most importantly, no turbulence to scare my soul.

Little by little, I will be sharing you stories of how our holiday went. for now, I say tata, but I will be back soon. For my guests who left comments - thank you to all of you. Don't worry, I will get back to your messages in a while. Just give me some time, ok?

Thanks everyone! Mwah!


Crinklynose said...

im sure you had a blast on your holiday trip sa pinas :o) have a safe trip back sis!

Mich said...

happy New Year, Gracie!:)