Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Thought i’d join Mich this week.

Happiness is…
1. Good health for the family, especially for our little Dade. with the recent change of weather, and the spreading of this flu virus, thank God none of us had had to go to the doctor.
2. Steady milk supply.
3. Dade’s improving sleeping pattern.
4. The comfiest pair of 4-inch red patent stiletto heels, which I got on sale.
5. My resized solitaire ring which i missed wearing for more than 8 months.
6. A good stretch of UAE holidays. Because of that, tomorrow will be my last day at work before going on a 5-week annual leave. yippee!
7. Wonderful weather. 26 degrees during daytime, and as low as 17 degrees during nighttime. perfect temp for strolling in the park. happy days are here again!
8. Hubby’s red velvet cupcakes. He’s baking a batch tonight for me to give to my team mates tomorrow.
9. 5 books (yes, books!) of vouchers/coupons to hundreds of establishments in the UAE from my friend at work, Kwok. All vouchers are valid until September 2010. Here’s to more buy one, take one deals!
10. All tasks at work almost finished before my handover tomorrow.

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