Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Scratchy Happy

Whenever my son feels sleepy or exasperated, he scratches his face for reasons I don’t understand. Three weeks ago, I finally took off his mittens after he started showing signs of gnawing his fist. I wanted him to feel the soothing experience of sucking on his bare fingers but I didn’t know he would also use his fingers for something else. My poor little boy ended up with a number of unsightly scratches on his face and head…so kawawa! Even if I regularly trim his fingernails and file them even, he still ends up having those grazes. So to prevent him from adding more lines and small cuts across his cute li’l face, I decided to bring back the mittens until he gets over from his scratchy happy phase.

As I didn’t want to put the usual antiseptic for his scratches on the face at this early stage, I researched for something more milder to use. Good thing I remembered this line of products I used to use back in my college days, and found this balm from their line of baby products made especially for sensitive skin. Thanks to my Mom who went all the way to Robinson’s Galleria to buy this and drop it off at my cousin S’s room at Crowne Plaza in time for her flight, my son now has VMV’s Grandma Minnie’s The Big, Brave Boo Boo Balm.

Made of ingredients with natural healing properties such as Petrolatum, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, and Glyceryl Laurate, this product sure is a better option than the usual topical antiseptic we use on our skin. It's skin friendly, and is proven to be as effective as isopropyl alcohol for killing micro-organisms sans the dryness. Considering how sensitive baby's skin is, I wanted to make sure that it's kept soothed and moisturized and that no weird sounding chemicals are applied on his skin. apparently, It's also great for pregnant and lactating moms so my son and I can share this product :)

So far, this balm has done wonders for Dade's skin. It helped quickly heal the grazes on his face. I love this to bits! Oh, and did I mention it's a local product from back home? Yay VMV!


Eper said...

Quino does the EXACT SAME THING when he's sleepy!!! Why kaya noh? I just make sure I trim his nails regularly and file them carefully.

I've seen that VMV balm but I haven't asked my pedia yet about it. He's kinda strict :p But if it's good enough for Dade...why not right?

Tinggay said...

VMV is heaven sent gracie! i bought the entire kit for baby pati yung sunblock nila i used on dwayne when we went to shang mactan. indigo baby has the same kind of balm also(cheaper too!) - their jar of hope and love is what i use more than vmv kasi gel like siya (and i keep it in the ref) so dwayne likes the texture of that better. stock up on it on your next trip - or if mahirap, i'm sure there's kiehl's there. their baby line is good also very mild and gentle and scent free :)

Gracie said...

hi eper,
ako din, super clueless why babies scratch their faces & heads when they're sleepy. kaya nga every afternoon when i get home i always check his fingernails na.

Vannie said...

si jacob naman i never placed mittens sa kanya - he had a scratch before but wala na now..the pedia said its better daw walang mittens for them to develop the sense of touch chuchu. anyway, try mo lang kunin ang mittens after awhile he would know not to scratch his face kase masakit.

Gracie said...

hi nikki,
thanks for the tips! ewan ko ba kung bakit na-miss ko ang products ng Indigo Baby. order na ko today para they're all ready when we get home this Dec. i haven't seen Kiehl's here yet...dito kse sa Dubai puro designer stuff lang ang meron pero yung mga essentials wala. hmpf!!

Gracie said...

hi vannie,
i just had to put on mittens sa kanya even when he was younger 'cos he always, always scratches himself. but i take them off when he feeds. ngayon wala nang mittens at all. sumuko na 'ko! :) basta everyday we check his fingernails na lang & trim when we think it's needed na.

cheche said...

kaht c cayden, until now mahilig mag rub ng eyes. dati ayaw ko dn sya tanggalan mittens, pero i was told off by his health visitor. kelangan nga daw nya magexplore using his hands. kaya ayun, laging me maliit n sugat sa ilong =D

i make sure i trim his nails, more for my sake than his. ako lagi nyang pinch! hahaha

cuddles to dade!