Saturday, November 21, 2009

In Panic Mode

The holidays for the Eid Al Adha were just announced, and I am so annoyed because the announcement was made nearer to the date so we were not able to plan our holidays more carefully.The holidays will be from the 26th November until the 3rd December so that is a good 7 days of bumming around in the UAE when we could’ve been in the Philippines preparing for Dade’s baptism. I couldn’t move our flights because all flights are full, and the only way we can fly out early is by taking a business class flight, which we do not have a budget for. How sad.

The Christening of Dade is a very important event for us because this will also be officially his meet and greet party. And as much as first birthdays are considered very special, so is Christening, too. In fact, I highly regard this occasion because this is the day our son will be welcomed to God’s family.

Anyway, I still have a lot of things to finalize for the big day which I hope I’d be able to finish in time. I planned for this Christening way ahead of time, and yet I still feel like I've insufficient time to prepare. These are the things that i still need to work on:
  • Purchase baptismal gown. My Mom will take care of this. thanks, Mommy! i know i can always rely on you for anything related to my son’s needs. (and thanks also to Eper for referring the shop where we can buy the traditional baptismal gown for babies!)
  • Buy soft soled shoes to go with Dade’s baptismal gown
  • Sort out pictures & videos for the AVP that Dade’s godfather will create for him
  • Pick out appropriate songs to be played during the reception
  • Purchase & decorate the candles for the ceremony
  • Buy tokens for kids who will be attending the event
  • Purchase some arts & crafts stuff to keep the kids busy during the reception
I swear it’s really not easy to organize an event when you’re thousands of miles away. I just hope we’ll be able to pull this off. Please luck be on our side!

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Eper said...

Gracie, the baptismal gown comes with bonnet, mittens and shoes :)