Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Christmas Came Early

Daddy, thank you for this early Christmas pressie:

I love it! Now I can easily post Dade's random pics whenever, wherever :)


Crinklynose said...

heee, wow!!! enjoy your new toy :o)

andrea said...

same with mom! maganda yan compared sa touch screen na blackberry. kay papa, touch screen eh, though mas techie dating ang hirap naman imanipulate. binibigay na nga sakin BUT since touch screen nga.. I said No.. ang aga naman ng xmas gift mu. hehehe :) sarap! enjoy @-,---

Gracie said...

hi berns,
thanks! :) lovin' it already. the BB Messenger is so addictive! LOL

Gracie said...

hi drea,
i love this BB Curve - so sleek looking & perfect fit sa palm ko! i know that touch screen BB - the BB Storm. yah, it's really difficult to use. kaya nga nung nag-sale dito last month ng BB, they gave away free BB storm when you buy a BB Bold or BB Curve 8900.
oo nga, aga ng Christmas gift ko - have to get it before we fly to Manila para ma-apply ng Global Blackberry Internet Servce.

Tinggay said...

oist - add mo ko sa bberry messenger para chat tayo! LOL - kaya lang ayoko i post dito ang work email add ko - can you give me your webmail para don ko send? or send yours to nikkiorcino@yahoo.com super saya no? i even chat with my bestfriend via bb kahit na UK based siya :)