Sunday, November 15, 2009

2 weeks & 5 days

Is this for real? Our holiday is just 19 days away?  Man, I really should start organizing our stuff now! We have to be as prepared as possible considering the fact that we’re traveling with a baby this time. And I also have to carry with me some stuff for Dade’s baptism that I hope I won’t forget (which reminds me I have lots of things to jot down on our check list). Sheesh, I can feel the panic about to build up now! Ayayay!


mahryska said...

i think everyone is looking forward for this holiday...have fun! =D

Crinklynose said...

ay nakuuu ang lapit na nga :o) but then again, usually pag nag cram dun maraming natatapos so it's ok mommy gracie :o)

have fun sa pinas. kelan kaya kami makakauwi?