Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

Thought i’d join Mich this week.

Happiness is…
1. Good health for the family, especially for our little Dade. with the recent change of weather, and the spreading of this flu virus, thank God none of us had had to go to the doctor.
2. Steady milk supply.
3. Dade’s improving sleeping pattern.
4. The comfiest pair of 4-inch red patent stiletto heels, which I got on sale.
5. My resized solitaire ring which i missed wearing for more than 8 months.
6. A good stretch of UAE holidays. Because of that, tomorrow will be my last day at work before going on a 5-week annual leave. yippee!
7. Wonderful weather. 26 degrees during daytime, and as low as 17 degrees during nighttime. perfect temp for strolling in the park. happy days are here again!
8. Hubby’s red velvet cupcakes. He’s baking a batch tonight for me to give to my team mates tomorrow.
9. 5 books (yes, books!) of vouchers/coupons to hundreds of establishments in the UAE from my friend at work, Kwok. All vouchers are valid until September 2010. Here’s to more buy one, take one deals!
10. All tasks at work almost finished before my handover tomorrow.

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Saturday, November 21, 2009

In Panic Mode

The holidays for the Eid Al Adha were just announced, and I am so annoyed because the announcement was made nearer to the date so we were not able to plan our holidays more carefully.The holidays will be from the 26th November until the 3rd December so that is a good 7 days of bumming around in the UAE when we could’ve been in the Philippines preparing for Dade’s baptism. I couldn’t move our flights because all flights are full, and the only way we can fly out early is by taking a business class flight, which we do not have a budget for. How sad.

The Christening of Dade is a very important event for us because this will also be officially his meet and greet party. And as much as first birthdays are considered very special, so is Christening, too. In fact, I highly regard this occasion because this is the day our son will be welcomed to God’s family.

Anyway, I still have a lot of things to finalize for the big day which I hope I’d be able to finish in time. I planned for this Christening way ahead of time, and yet I still feel like I've insufficient time to prepare. These are the things that i still need to work on:
  • Purchase baptismal gown. My Mom will take care of this. thanks, Mommy! i know i can always rely on you for anything related to my son’s needs. (and thanks also to Eper for referring the shop where we can buy the traditional baptismal gown for babies!)
  • Buy soft soled shoes to go with Dade’s baptismal gown
  • Sort out pictures & videos for the AVP that Dade’s godfather will create for him
  • Pick out appropriate songs to be played during the reception
  • Purchase & decorate the candles for the ceremony
  • Buy tokens for kids who will be attending the event
  • Purchase some arts & crafts stuff to keep the kids busy during the reception
I swear it’s really not easy to organize an event when you’re thousands of miles away. I just hope we’ll be able to pull this off. Please luck be on our side!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

2 weeks & 5 days

Is this for real? Our holiday is just 19 days away?  Man, I really should start organizing our stuff now! We have to be as prepared as possible considering the fact that we’re traveling with a baby this time. And I also have to carry with me some stuff for Dade’s baptism that I hope I won’t forget (which reminds me I have lots of things to jot down on our check list). Sheesh, I can feel the panic about to build up now! Ayayay!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Quarter 1 Update

Now that Dade has turned 3 months old, a lot of changes have taken place. Let me update you with what he’s been up to these days and how we as first-time parents are coping with his growth.

At 3 months old, he can now sit on his Bumbo Seat with support from a pillow. We use his boppy pillow most of the time. Until he has a better head control, we will keep that pillow to keep him comfortable.

During tummy time, he is able to raise his head to 45 degrees, move it from left to right, and keep it steady. Sometimes he likes tummy time, sometimes he doesn’t. But trust me: this boy sure knows how to kick his legs manically when overstimulated.

The little monkey finally discovered his feet. the LO developed the habit of rubbing his feet together when cradled by Ryan in his boppy, and he seems to be fascinated when watching his feet move. With or without socks, he would rub all the way. Just the other day, he started lifting his legs together, and would rub his feet in the air. It’s a funny sight, I tell ya!

He now enjoys hearing himself babble so imagine how much he baby talks these days. Say hi to him, and you’ll get the cutest coos & giggles ever!

Sometimes we find him trying to roll over on his left side. He’s still unsuccessful, but 10,000 brownie points for him for trying :)

He can now grasp on to little things, like his binky for example. When he holds onto my finger, he would clutch ever so tightly.

Unfortunately, he still isn’t sleeping through the night. He still feeds every 2 hours – on the dot! Because of that, he ended up co-sleeping with us so he can easily nurse when he wakes up hungry. It also saved me the trouble of getting up many times in the night. At first, I was against this because I was so afraid of the risks that come with co-sleeping (because he does sleep in our bed, not on a separate co-sleeper cot), but I've come to realize that I had to do it for both of our sakes. We just had to take some precautionary measures to keep our bed safe for Dade.

During daytime, he prefers sleeping on Ryan. It leaves the hubby no time to eat, sleep properly or even take a bathroom break! Poor Daddy!

We always hear comments that Dade is a “long” baby. He has grown so much that I had to bring out his 3-6 months sized clothes earlier than planned. He’s outgrown his frogsuits so quickly that he’s now using his jammies when sleeping. Picture his onesies not fitting his torso vertically not horizontally.

It was also time to bring out the Level 2 nipples & the 3-6 months binkies. We had to say buh-bye to the Evenflo dummy he loved so much. He’s still in the transition stage with his new dummy that every so often, he would push them out of his mouth through his tongue and cry when he couldn’t pull it back.

To help me keep track of his medical records, I got the newly released Dr. Mom Health Journal from Indigo Manila. I saw this journal by chance as I was ordering some milktrays and Baby Legs for Dade. Good thing I was able to grab one at their introductory price of PHP1,500. For more info about this product, please visit their site: http://indigomanila.multiply.com/. I bought a lot of cool stuff from them, too. Go natural! Go Pinoy!

Dade’s is now 5.6 kg :) no wonder why the Dad is complaining whenever he carries the baby in his car seat. I was happy to learn about that from last Saturday's check up. His pedia was supposed to see him by end of this month for his booster shots, but I decided to bring him to the doctor to check if he's developing according to his age. I wanna keep a close track of his weight gain since he's a breastfed baby.

So far, the hardworking cow in me is still working so very hard to keep my milk production stable. As much as possible, I pump every 2 hours at work. The most is 3 hours. I'm so lucky this country recognizes the value of breastfeeding. *yay UAE & the Employment Law of DIFC!* Every breastfeeding Mom gets an extra hour of break for 18 months. That's why I leave at 4:00 pm instead of 5:00 pm everyday. Yep, extra time with the baby :) And oh, I just wanna share that I've heard enough comments about the breastpump bag from my colleagues (i.e., You going to the gym? What's the bag for? Oh, no, you're late! *assuming that I've jsut arrived for work). I just had to tell them what it's for, and trust me, it's really AWKWARD to tell that to my male colleagues.

Speaking of breastfeeding, as they say, there's always a first time for everything. I've already breastfed Dade in our car a couple of times, and even in a fitting room at the mall! :) Thanks to the kind sales person at the Gap Store in Deira City Centre, I was able to BF my son at the kids' fitting room. I remember that feeding quite well because when I burped Dade, he gave out a very load belch :D And because I was able to nurse successfully inside the mall, whenever we go out these days, we preferred going to malls that have breastfeeding or mother & child rooms. No more bottles to bring so the milk in the freezer are kept solely for his consumption while I'm away at work.

With all these changes, I say we're A-ok and doing great as a young family. It may be an overwhelming first quarter (especially in the first few weeks) for us, but hubby and I are so thankful that we have a blessing this wonderful in our lives. The happiness we feel with our dear Dade is the best we've ever felt, and we couldn't ask for more! :)

Christmas Came Early

Daddy, thank you for this early Christmas pressie:

I love it! Now I can easily post Dade's random pics whenever, wherever :)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Scratchy Happy

Whenever my son feels sleepy or exasperated, he scratches his face for reasons I don’t understand. Three weeks ago, I finally took off his mittens after he started showing signs of gnawing his fist. I wanted him to feel the soothing experience of sucking on his bare fingers but I didn’t know he would also use his fingers for something else. My poor little boy ended up with a number of unsightly scratches on his face and head…so kawawa! Even if I regularly trim his fingernails and file them even, he still ends up having those grazes. So to prevent him from adding more lines and small cuts across his cute li’l face, I decided to bring back the mittens until he gets over from his scratchy happy phase.

As I didn’t want to put the usual antiseptic for his scratches on the face at this early stage, I researched for something more milder to use. Good thing I remembered this line of products I used to use back in my college days, and found this balm from their line of baby products made especially for sensitive skin. Thanks to my Mom who went all the way to Robinson’s Galleria to buy this and drop it off at my cousin S’s room at Crowne Plaza in time for her flight, my son now has VMV’s Grandma Minnie’s The Big, Brave Boo Boo Balm.

Made of ingredients with natural healing properties such as Petrolatum, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, and Glyceryl Laurate, this product sure is a better option than the usual topical antiseptic we use on our skin. It's skin friendly, and is proven to be as effective as isopropyl alcohol for killing micro-organisms sans the dryness. Considering how sensitive baby's skin is, I wanted to make sure that it's kept soothed and moisturized and that no weird sounding chemicals are applied on his skin. apparently, It's also great for pregnant and lactating moms so my son and I can share this product :)

So far, this balm has done wonders for Dade's skin. It helped quickly heal the grazes on his face. I love this to bits! Oh, and did I mention it's a local product from back home? Yay VMV!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy 3rd Month, Dade!

Look how much you’ve grown, my dear. From a crying little imp, you’ve turned into a talkative baby who babbles like a snitch. We just love the way you try to talk to us through your cute coos and aahhs. Mommy & Daddy are so amazed seeing your developmental milestones your age, and we couldn’t be more proud when we see you meet them ahead of schedule.

In a span of 3 months, you’ve been out and about quite a lot already. You’ve gone to all the major malls in town, have attended 2 birthday parties, seen 2 newborn babies at the hospital, and have visited more than 5 homes of friends and family. Thank God in all those times you’ve been on a ‘going out’ spree, you’ve never contracted any virus! I sure am glad I did not give up on breastfeeding you.

To the best gift we’ve ever received, we want to let you know how much we love you, and how much we are delighted to have you in our lives. Everyday's a new adventure with you, sweetheart! Mwaaahhh!!!