Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Not for me but for the wee one.

My cousin Sarj & her hubby had a 2-week vacay at LA, and brought home these goodies for Dade (yay! they saved me the trouble of ordering the Aveeno stuff online):

Thank you, Ninang Sarj & Ninong Mark!

My friend at work, Linda went for summer holidays at Dublin, and handed me over this bag yesterday:

I thought she was giving my son some cans of beer (hehe!), but saw these cute bits and bobs inside the bag instead:

So cute!! I love the shirt – it’s so Irish!

Thanks, Aunt Linda!


gracita said...

i saw some aveeno baby products in one pharmacy in ibn batutta. forgot nga lang the name. basta, near starbucks in geant area :)

Joanne MV said...

I agree that the second pasalubong is very Irish. My hubby hearts color green :)

cheche said...

love the irish loot!! saya. cant wait to see dade in the onesie =D. im sure he'll be so cute!

Gracie said...

hi gracita!
thanks - layo lang kasi ng Ibn Battuta sa 'min eh. pero i computed the cost ng Aveeno dito & mas mahal pa rin. so tyaga na lang sa online purchase :) pero mura nga items dun sa pharmacy na yun. i got the Pigeon Bottle Cleansers dun at almost AED10 cheaper than other groceries.

Gracie said...

hi joanne,
cute di ba? naghuhumiyaw ang color green!

Gracie said...

hi cheche,
natuwa nga ako when i got these. super cute nung sheep irl - so soft! the shirt's message is just so funny - i heart it!