Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Last Hurrah

...before going back to reality! (yes, I felt I really needed that)

After more than two months of my short but fulfilling taste of being a SAHM, I'm finally heading back to workland again tomorrow *boo!*, and I am not one bit excited. But what can I do? I need to earn some moolah in order to help save up for Dade's college fund. Anyway, to brush off the unhappy feeling, I just decided to savor my last remaining hours outside the office exclusively with the boys.

Since we had to make a trip to baby's pedia for his shots of DTaP, Polio & Rotavirus yesterday, I asked the hubby dear to do a couple of detours before heading home.

while waiting for the pedia (still giddy here)
someone's having lunch


First, we swung by the Philippine Consulate Dubai to pick up Dade's passport, which I need to bring to work tomorrow to process his residence visa. Finally, a proof of his nationality! Afterwards, we trooped to Festival City for a (very) late but yummy lunch - where else but at our favorite family restaurant, Chili's. We also made a quick stop at Toys 'R Us to scout for a halloween costume for the little tot as he is to attend his first halloween trick or treat party by end of this month. We couldn't find an infant size so I guess we'll have to make do with the 12 months size and just have it altered. After that, we went straight home after two hours of trotting at the mall.

As we three cozied up at the sofa in the evening, I realized that no matter how busy I'll be during the weekdays balancing my time with work and family life, I still have the weekend to look forward to. From hereon, I will make sure that every weekend is spent with my wee one to make up for the lost time during workdays.


flowerdrumsong said...

WOW!!!! Your little cutie is 2 month old! So sorry for my late greetings but am truly happy for you and the family! ;) Take care,girl! ;)

Eper said...

How time flies! Back to work ka na pala.

Crinklynose said...

hi sweetie! i know the feeling, i was miserable the first week. but we gotta do what we gotta do, right? who's going to take care of dade while you're at work?

take care!

gracita said...

buti you can afford to take photos pa during the vaccination. ako, sabay nakiki-iyak with annika, hehe!

you'll get the hang of things in time, don't worry. goodluck and see you soon! :)

Gracie said...

hi weng,
thanks dear! :) appreciate your greetings! mwah!

Gracie said...

hi eper,
yup, bilis no? well, what to do?!!

Gracie said...

hi berns,
tell me about it! for now, the hubby takes care of the LO until such time we find a nanny for Dade.

Gracie said...

hi gracita,
sandali lang sya umiyak - brave nga eh! gusto ko lang i-document habang di pa sya malikot :)
thanks ha! i really hope to see you again soon :) hugs to Annika!

Jacqui Co-Soriano said...

wow, ang bilis!! 2 months na si dade, and tapos na maternity leave mo. hehehe! i'm sure you'll miss him everyday pagbalik mo work.