Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy 2nd Month, Dade!

My, my, my! Has it been 2 months already since you came into our lives? Talk about time zooming past us at an incredible pace!

blow the candles before the ice cream cake melts

Happy 2nd month birthday to our dear little prince! We love you so very much!


Eper said...

Ang bilis noh? Kaya we really have to enjoy every minute and take lots and lots of pictures! :)

Happy 2nd month Dade! :)

Crinklynose said...

happy 2 months sweetie!!!!

Joanne MV said...

Happy 2nd month! Wow time flies really fast! Before you know it, maglalakad na yan ;)

lleng said...

hala! naka 2 months na agad?grabe time flies so fast talaga..dade is growing so fast and so gwapo.i'll bet maraming paiiyaking girls c baby dade..haha..

happy 2nd month baby!

AEC said...

happy 2nd month, dade! :)