Sunday, October 18, 2009

Baptism Preps

Call me overly excited but would you believe I’ve started working on our little boy’s baptism before he was even born?  During the last few weeks before I gave birth I was already scouring for suppliers left and right. Well, you can’t blame me. The baptism is in December, and you know what December is like back home - weddings, gatherings and parties galore!

Finding a reception venue was already a challenge, I tell you! I had to contact more than a dozen venues to find the right size that’s still available and that suits our budget. And because December is a busy month, we ended up getting a weekday schedule. Good thing our chosen church holds baptism in the afternoon so the reception time is still ok for the guests who will come from work.

So far, I have managed to book the major suppliers. I’m so relieved that the only things we need to worry about are the minuscule details which we can work on when we arrive in Manila. Being an overseas parent, I’ve learned a great deal when we were doing our wedding preps. I definitely do not want a repeat of all the stress I’ve gone through back then!

Meanwhile, let me share with you my first ever scrapbooking project – Dade’s letter to his Godparents-to-be:

One artwork done, two more to go. I hope I can find time to finalize them this week.


cheche said...


next, bday naman =D

Gracie said...

thanks, Che! pwede na ba? naku, ang time consuming pala mag-scrapbooking...lalo na pag madaming choices na pwedeng i-insert. kaloka!! but i'm loving it so far :)
ikaw 1st birthday na ang iintindihin, ako baptism pa lang. the things that mommies do, ano?

Mich said...

galing mo gumawa! love the invite! :)