Thursday, September 24, 2009

My Cutie Monster at 7 weeks

Dade's ninang B couldn't get enough of him. I swear, this baby is gonna be rotten spoiled not by us but by his godmother who adores him to bits. When she stayed for the night Wednesday last week, she brought with her some photography gear so she can take pics of the little boy. Another free pictorial - yay! :)

holding on to Mommy
held by Mother dear
tiny ear
precious hands
my adorable boy
tummy time
innocent looking
our family

Thanks, bessie B for all these gorgeous pictures! Love 'em all!


Joanne MV said...

Nice! Daming pictures :) Make a digi scrapbook of them sis! ;)

Gracie said...

thanks joanne! now that you've mentioned it, i will tinker with the Scrapbook kit i borrowed from my friend.

Eper said...

My God, the pictures are SOOOOOO beautiful!!! Dade is one handsome baby! :) Kakagigil! Pwede papisil? I wish I could take pictures as beautiful as those but we only have a point and shoot digicam :p

Shelly said...

that little pumpkin of yours is sooo adorable talaga. sarap sarap tingnan. ang haba ng daliri nya sa kamay at paa.

Gracie said...

hi eper,
thank you so much! :) palakpak tenga ng Mommy! :P naku, kakagigil talaga 'tong baby na 'to. minsan nga di ko na mapigil...hehe! swerte lang namin may kumukuha ng pics nya. may SLR nga kami pero mas kinukuhanan ko sya using our P&S.

Gracie said...

hi shelly,
thank you! :) mahabang bata - banana baby eh! he had a few pairs of socks na di na nya nagamit 'cos ang haba ng mga paa nya. plus he grew 3 inches in less than 8 weeks.

Ria said...

hi gracie! i'm also a nawie and saw from your posts that you're also in dubai. i'm here also as a SAHM to my 2-yr old. congrats on being a new mom! your baby is so adorable! hope we could bump into each other when we go malling here in dubai.


p.s. were you the one who called me re: tubby tees onesies?

AEC said...

sobrang ganda naman ng photos! i wish i had a friend na ganyan kagaling magtake ng photos! :)

Gracie said...

hi ria,
yes, i was that girl who inquired about the onesies :) thanks for visiting my blog & for the warm greetings. see you around!

Gracie said...

hi mandy,
thank you! swerte ko na rin talaga addict mag-picture ang ninang :)

cheche said...

lovely pictures! pano ang cute naman ng subject =D

goodluck sa preps ng binyag ni baby

hugs to dade dearie!

Eds said...

Wow nice shots! anong lsr nyo sis? just love the effects of these photos! Worth cherishing! :)

Gracie said...

thanks, Che! friend talaga kita :) well, cute talaga ang babies natin nila Berns. batchmates eh! :D big hug to your super duper gwapong baby! ano, sali na ba sa baby contests?

Gracie said...

hi eds,
thank you, thank you! my bestfriend used a Canon 50D & used 50 mm 1.4 & 70-200 f/2.8 lens.

Mich said...

awww very wonderful photos gracie! how i wish i took photos of my babies like that too! lahat pwede mo i-pa-frame sa ganda :D