Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Quite A Scare

I just had my first panic attack related to child care. I still haven't completely recovered from the experience, and remembering what had happened still gives me the shudder. But I want to blog it now so I'd refer to this in the future to remind myself that what happened was pretty normal *whew!*

A few hours ago, my LO woke up with a cry. That was around 9-ish. My Mom picked him up to check on his nappy, and placed him on the changing table because he pooped.  All throughout the process of changing his diaper, our dear Baby Dade was crying incessantly. He obviously wasn't happy with the discomfort he's feeling thanks to his soiled nappy. While Mom was cleaning off his bum and applying some Desitin to his diaper rash (he was allergic to the brand of diapers he used this afternoon), I stood next to her, handing out Dade's change of clothes & swaddler, and trying to comfort my baby with my voice. Suddenly, the little boy turned blue and no sound came out of his mouth. it was as if he wasn't breathing! I froze, unable to move, and just watched my Mom quickly pick him up and blow air on his face. In a matter of two seconds, his loud cry & color came back, much to our relief. Later on, my Mom and the hubby assured me that what happened was normal, albeit panic inducing.

I read up on it, and indeed confirmed that it is a normal thing that babies & young children do. In fact, some actually pass out after an episode, and regain consciousness after 30-60 seconds. My gosh, that is something I am not ready to experience! I really, really hope this doesn't happen again. I swear, it frightened me out of my wits!  Imagine if my Mom wasn't in the room with me, I probably would've panicked big time. Thank goodness our boy was ok!

I know this is just one of the many panic attacks I'm gonna experience related to child rearing. But I hope and pray that in the future, I'd remember to have presence of mind and be not intimidated by the situation.


Eper said...

OMG!!! What's that condition called? I'm glad baby's okay!

Crinklynose said...

grabs sis... it happened to mikka too... actually, just yesterday. she was crying soooo hard that it sounded like she stopped breathing or something. then my mom did exactly the same thing as what your mom did - blew air on her face. i didn't know that. thankfully, she's ok. scared me sobraaaaaa!!!!

haaay... as hubby was telling me "now we know what to do when it happens again...

hugs from az..

Gracie said...

hi eper,
it's just simply called "breath holding spell". when babies cry kasi, they exhale, di ba? and when they exhale too much, they don't have time to breath so nauubusan sila ng oxygen, which makes their skin turn blue. super relieved ako that Dade's ok. kahit na normal ang breath holding spell, nakakatakot pa rin!

Gracie said...

hi berns,
naku, thanks to our Moms talaga! when Dade stopped breathing, parang nag-stop din ang heart ko mag-beat. takot na takot ako!! i hope this spell doesn't happen again to our kiddos - no matter how normal it is.
here's a hug back from DXB!

Joanne MV said...

Grabe, ganun pala yun. Thanks for sharing this Gracie. This is very informative :) I'll keep this in mind for next year...hehehe.

Thanks for changing my link ;)

cheche said...

glad that baby dade's ok. my mom taught me that trick as well. cayden used to choke a lot and couldnt breathe when i have a forceful letdown. buti ngayon nd na masyado kasi he's bigger and knows some tricks himself. pero it's really scary. i wanted to give up breastfeeding for fear of killing my own child!

it's something we need to learn. be strong. we're fortunate we have our moms with us to show us the ropes =D

Tinggay said...

OMG i can just imagine! ganyan din si dwayne although hindi siya nagbu blue pero ang tagal nung breaths in between pag sobra ang iyak...i tell you minsan gusto ko parang tapikin sa back para mapasigaw at makahinga siya. glad to know nothing serious happened :) uy, nakabili din ako ng coach diaper bag LOL 50% off from the US, nabili ng boss ko hehehehe

Gracie said...

hi nikki,
so scary talaga! ngayon everytime i change his nappy & umiiyak sya, may nerbyos na 'ko. however normal ang ganung ihit ng iyak ng baby, nakakatakot pa rin.
wow, Coach nappy bag! share naman ng pic, i wanna see. good deal yun ha - 50% off. sus, baghag pa rin tayo 'no hanggang sa diaper bag :)