Wednesday, August 19, 2009

On Hand At Last!

And I thought these Aveeno Baby products got lost in transit!

I ordered these last 27th July, and were only delivered to our offices yesterday. According to the Medshop Express website, I should expect it within 5 working days but it obviously took more time and got stuck in God knows where. Hubby had to pick them up from my workplace this morning, along with my other mails, as he also had to submit Dade's birth certificate and photos to our Human Capital to apply him an ALICO health card.

Tomorrow, we will give Dade a bath and we will try on him the Wash & Shampoo. I hope he'll be hiyang with this product.


Eper said...

Let me know if Aveeno's nice. Right now we're just using Physiogel per our pedia's advice.

Gracie said...

hi eper,
Aveeno's nice, hiyang ni Dade. love the gentle scent! amoy pang-baby talaga but not overpowering. his pedia gave a go signal na kasi sa Aveeno, although recommended din nya ang Mustela. the first soap we used on Dade was Oilatum before these stuff arrived.