Friday, July 31, 2009

Zero Travel for 2009

Since I worked here in Dubai, I have made it a point to travel every year to fulfill my dream of seeing the world. But now that I am expecting, travelling has taken a back seat, and will perhaps remain in there for another year or so. I have a very good reason why I can’t travel, but I still couldn’t help but feel envious of my Pinoy colleagues who are bound to travel to Turkey this August. They are flying out before Ramadan, and the package they got was really, really good. What makes their trip better is that they're going on a group. I bet that would be so much fun!

Not that I've never been to Turkey before. In fact, Turkey is the first country I’ve visited since I moved here to Dubai. It was Eid Al Fitr in 2005, and I traveled there with my bessie B. It was an enjoyable 4 day-3 night tour, and for the price we paid, it was well worth every fil we shelled out! That’s what I like about being in Dubai – you are right in the middle of the world map so you can travel to the East and West at lower costs. Seeing new places is what I am missing right now, hence, the green feeling.

Here are some of my old pics when we went to Istanbul and Bursa in Turkey 4 years ago. (and yes, it was xx lbs ago, too!) It was so cold then…around 9-12 degrees Celsius...and much colder up in the mountains in Bursa where our bums were frozen cold at 4 below zero!

checking out the galleries as soon as we arrived
the clock tower next to Dolmabahce Palace
inside Hagia Sophia
(behind me is the mosque's mark facing Mecca)
Hagia Sophia still...remnants of Christianity in this unique museum
the famous Blue Mosque with six minarets

at Taksim Square (shopping is so expensive here!)
hold that tram!
buying souvenirs at Bursa
first snow experience at Mt. Olympos in Bursa
going for the Bosphorus Cruise
nice view while cruising
and i got to be captain for two minutes :)
the entrance to Topkapi Palace

Hopefully in 2011 I could start traveling again. I'd like to see Mauritius or Maldives before they vanish due to global warming. And a Euro trip would be lovely, too. Let's see how it goes :)


Faye said...

wow! nice photos sis! ganda nmn ng place!

gracious said...

Nice... Your pictures made me want to go to Turkey :) Or kahit san sa Europe :)

Hagia Sofia was one of the names of the lead character in Paulo Coelho's The Witch of Portobello.

And since I finished the book last month, this is the second time that I saw a reference to that name/word on the web :)

mm said...

my brother & his family went to turkey lst summer they stopover at dubai=) ganda nga daw, i want naman dubai mahal lng ata?

Gracie said...

hi faye,
thanks, sis! mas maganda yung place irl. our pictures didn't do justice to its beauty.

Gracie said...

hi gracious,
thanks, dear! naku, konti nga lang pics namin nun...and not as good as we wanted them to turn out. i haven't read The Witch of Portobello. talaga, ginamit palang name yan ng lead character?

Gracie said...

hi mm,
yup, it's a bit expensive here in Dubai. but you can still get good deals as long as you know your way around (i can help). i suggest you come here around winter time para masarap maglakad sa labas. let me know when you're up to it :)