Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Things To Do

...before Baby D arrives:

1. pack the hospital bag (my stuff, hubby’s stuff & baby’s stuff).
2. double check the batteries of the DSLR, P&S and camcorder.
3. get a pedicure.
4. wash, iron and fold the baby’s clothes. organize them in his drawer.
5. give more room for baby’s other stuff (gifts, toys, shoes, bigger clothes) in the closet.
6. disinfect the nursery.
7. have the cot's beddings washed and ironed. unpack the mattress.
8. clean the seats and interiors of the car – this task I assigned to hubby
9. practice installing baby’s car seat – another task for hubby
10. arrange a small get-together at our home this Friday (poor hubby has work on Saturday! boo hoo!) to celebrate his birthday. i really want to order an ice cream cake from Haagen Daz, but there’s no branch near our place (might melt before it reaches our home). gotta get that lovely cake from Dusit Thani Delicatessen instead.
11. follow up the delivery of my gift for the beloved husband.
12. follow up my remaining claim with my health insurance provider before i go on maternity leave.
13. do a handover of my tasks to my team mate just in case i deliver sooner than my due date.
14. process Dad's visit visa for his trip here on August and purchase his tickets through my cousin to get a substantial discount.
15. do some serious ironing.

I hope I get to accomplish all of these before I deliver. I'm sure I have forgotten a thing or two but for now, these are all I could remember from memory.

Goodluck to me!


AEC said...

that's a lot! good luck in your delivery. hope it'll be easy!

Gracie said...

hi mandy,
yup, but i'll do my best kayanin matapos lahat by this weekend. i can't wait to give birth already!

Joanne MV said...

konti pa sis...almost done ;)

Gracie said...

hi joanne,
oo nga eh. almost there. baka pag natapos ko na lahat 'to, Baby D will decide to come out na :)