Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Husband's Birthday

Today is hubby's birthday, and I am sharing with you how we celebrated his special day at home.

As I am due anytime soon, Ryan had specifically asked me not to arrange any party whatsoever. He didn't want to fuss over his birthday knowing that any moment our LO could come out. But being the stubborn gal that I am, I still organized an intimate get-together with his close friends. Yesterday, on the eve of his actual birthday, I hosted a dinner for him attended by his college bud, Bob, my bessie B & our friend, K. Too bad Bob's daughter, Yesha, wasn't feeling well so she & Ditas couldn't join us. Ryan's other college bud, Armil, on the other hand, was celebrating his wife's birthday, too, so he wasn't able to come. The gathering was very simple but I'm still happy we managed to have a proper celebration than none at all.

His guests gave him t-shirts as gifts, which he liked so much, while I gifted him with something that he's been wanting for the longest time. Not to be outdone by his big boxed gift on my birthday, I also gave him something huge & heavy as a present. Now he's got no excuse not to pursue his passion :) A lot have been convincing him to start his own small business by word of mouth so I guess this little aid of his will inspire him more to give in to people's request. We can start with the butterscotch I suppose ;-)

To my dear, dear husband who is the best in the world - happy, happy birthday! I hope somehow your birthday is made memorable for you. I was hoping the LO would come out today so you two can share one special day but i guess the 25th July will always be yours alone. In hindsight, that's also good...I want to keep the spotlight on you for 24 hours every time this day comes each year. You very well deserve it. I LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCH HONEY!! Mwaaaahhhh!!

P.S. I hope you loved the Fresh Fruits Cake we got from Dusit Delicatessen. See, you didn't get just one but two? :)
 Yummy, no?


PM said...

happy birthday to the husband!

baliktad kayo gracie, you're the one gifting him with kitchen appliances. hehehe... but i like it.. i'm wishing for one myself. : )

Gracie said...

hi pat,
thanks - i'll pass that message to the hubby :)
oo nga eh, between the two of us, he's more pihikan and maarte sa kitchen appliances. as i've said, he owns the kitchen. frustrated chef ang asawa ko! he's the one who's more into checking out recipes & bloghops sa mga cooking & baking related blogs..hehe!

AEC said...

yay! he got the kitchenaide na rin!! ;)

Gracie said...

hi mandy,
yes, and he's oh so happy! :)

Jacqui Co-Soriano said...

Belated happy birthday to your hubby, gracie! :)

Like ryan, frustrated chef din ako. And since i am working, at the same time a hands on mom to two kids (make it 3 by nov), can't find anymore time to pursue my baking hobby. Kaya yun mga kitchen gadgets ko, electric mixer etc ... ayun, slighlty used pa. LOL.