Thursday, July 30, 2009

Giving In

Today is my last day here at work before I go on maternity leave. Yes, you read that right – I am taking my maternity leave starting Sunday even if I haven’t given birth yet. That's contrary to my original idea of sticking it here in the office until I pop. You see, plans have changed dramatically after my check up last Monday with my OB. During my quick scan, we found out that Baby D is quite big for his age (as if i’m not expecting this!). His estimated weight is already 3.5 kg (7.7 lbs) at 38 weeks and 2 days. And if I am to go with my birth plan of delivering via NSD, my doctor advised that I shouldn’t let my baby reach 4 kg ‘cos otherwise, I might end up delivering him via C-section.

If I don’t deliver until next week, he suggested that he will induce me. It’s all up to me & Ryan if that option is ok with us. If Baby D doesn’t come out this weekend, I would opt for the induction date to be baby’s EDD which is 08/08, although in truth, I prefer to have the baby sooner and feel nature’s surprise.

All my colleagues are pretty excited for me. It's a great feeling being supported at this time in our lives. I remember a couple of weeks ago when we were all jokingly planning who’s taking me to the hospital. This summer, I'm surrounded by Directors who kindly agreed to rush me to American Hospital in case I go into stage 1 active labor. In fact, I have 3 rides of my choice: a Porche Sportscar, a Porche Cayenne & a BMW 5 series. I actually have a 4th option, and that is a BMW big bike, which I reckon is going to make my labor a lot quicker than the 3, haha! Looks like the BD team is going to miss the action then. Sayang! LOL!

I’m praying everything goes well with the remaining days of my pregnancy. Last night, I woke up feeling the need to pee, and then couldn’t go back to sleep because various thoughts started to sprint through my mind. I was up for an hour and a half trying my best to lull myself back to sleep. And this morning, the husband told me he dreamt about me delivering the baby on top of our car’s engine (weird!!). Quite uneventful – that’s how he described it. Minsan comic talaga si hubby! :)

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andrea said...

goodluck gurl! I am excited for you...