Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tabachina Me

This is me on my 31st week…looking really enormous during our Quarterly Staff Meeting at work.

And now that I’ve entered my 32nd week, I must tell you that i look bigger than that! My shoes barely fit my swollen feet, and my clothes hug me as if they’re ready to explode with my continuous expansion. Although I only packed 3 pounds in two weeks, I look as if I gained 10!

Had my 32nd week check up with the OB last Sunday, and just by a quick headcount, I can give birth in about 5-10 weeks’ time. Talk about time flying in a speed of a bullet! I also had a growth scan, and from the looks of the sonographer, the ultrasound went well although the results weren’t released to me yet. I am hopeful that baby is growing well in Mommy’s tummy, and that no complications would arise in the remaining weeks ahead. Baby’s heartbeat is A-ok, too, which is a relief for me & Daddy-to-be.

The little man’s fetal activity is much more active since I entered my 8th month. He’s punching and kicking a lot especially at night when I am ready to retire. I’ve noticed patterns of when he’s awake, and when he’s sleeping (and probably dreaming of me & hubby!). But I really love, love, love it when he’s being malikot!

I can no longer wait 'til I deliver! I am so excited to see our precious munchkin and hold him in my arms. I’ve been dreaming a lot about babies recently, and most of the time, I do tend to stare at infants I see everywhere. Since I got pregnant, I had this urge to hug, kiss, and play with babies! I can’t wait for my time to do that to my own little one!


Vanniedosa said...

you look fine gracie :) i gave birth preemie @ 37 weeks. so you may be very well on your way in a little over a month. wow...so exciting. goodluck :) and keep safe.

kelly said...

i totally understand how you feel! when i was nearing my due date, kulang na lang ako mismo ang maglabas kay manu! hahaha

Faye said...

lapit ka na manganak!:) I'm excited to see the baby :) good luck! I'll pray for your safe delivery :)

Gracie said...

hi vannie,
friend talaga kita! :) thanks! pressured na ang Daddy kasi na-realize nya na malapit nang dumating si baby. di nya pa naaayos ang nursery! haha!
we're so excited na!

Gracie said...

hi kelly,
excited is an understatement...yan din ang gusto kong gawin ngayon, especially when he's moving a lot. i want to see Baby D na!! :)

lleng said...

good day!

I just started blogging but i have been a very avid fan of your blog for so long. Your blog are so positively written that one would really get hooked that easy.

I would like to ask permission if i could put your website under my blog list - blogs that i really really like. I hope its ok.

Thank you for your time. God bless you and your family.


Gracie said...

hi lleng,
welcome to my little space in the cyberworld! thanks for your message - i am humbled by your words. feel free to add me up in your links, and i'll add you up, too.
God bless you, too, and thanks once again! :)

Gracie said...

hi faye,
oo nga eh, bilis ng panahon no? we're so excited na!! i promise to share pics and kwento. thanks for your prayers...really appreciate it, sis!