Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Much-coveted Frame

While having lunch, my Pinoy family at work surprised me with this digital photo frame that I have long been yearning for:

my very own Kodak Easyshare P720

What a lovely birthday gift, no?

Hubby acknowledges my love for picture frames and photographs but he just doesn’t see the need for me to get one these when we already have photo frames in boxes still waiting to be displayed in our bedroom. I am just so happy that my wish has finally been granted! I cannot wait to start filling the memory cards with our pictures and Baby D’s!

My heartfelt thanks to my Pinoy colleagues who remembered my special day (on Saturday) and took time to get me a gift this precious. The next time you come and visit us at home, you will definitely find this frame displayed with our captured memories in it.


Faye said...

perfect gift indeed!!:) timing sa paglabas ng baby! can't wait to see the photos!:)

andrea said...

happy birthday my dear.. more LV bags to come and babies too..