Thursday, June 25, 2009

The B.B.B.S. (Birthday Bash & Baby Shower)

Last Saturday, we booked a suite at Dusit Thani Dubai Hotel for my birthday weekend, and to hold my baby shower, which was hosted by my cousin S, and bessie B. As hubby had to work that day, we checked in at 7:00 am. It was a pleasant surprise when we learned of the amenities and benefits our package included during our stay:

  • early check in and late check out
  • free upgrade to a 2 bedroom-suite
  • complimentary hi-speed internet access
  • complimentary local calls
  • access to the Club Executive Lounge
  • complimentary breakfast for two at The Californian at the 24th Floor

Unfortunately, we didn’t get the biggest suite (the 1700 series) this time because they’re all booked. But we did manage to get this suite, which has an amazing view of the tallest building in the world:

As soon as we dropped our stuff at our suite, hubby & I grabbed a bite at the Club Executive Lounge before he ran off for his duty at work.

busy watching Christiane Amanpour on CNN

As I had nothing better to do, I decided to take a nap while waiting for my bestfriend to help me pick up some food from the pastry maker nearby. When she rang the doorbell, imagine my surprise when I opened the door and saw her with a Sara Lee McCain cake complete with a 31 candle! She also picked up a big, foot-shaped Mylar balloon for the baby shower, and a Mommy-to-be sash for me. Bless her for being so sweet! Afterwards, we went ahead with the remaining errands that morning.

By midday, we were done picking up the food and having lunch so we went back straight to the hotel to prepare. Balloons were inflated, food were arranged on the platters, and B and my photog friend K alternately took photos of the details of the small party.
the invitation courtesy of cousin S
the token: bath confetti
the cutesy cups

I took a shower to freshen up before the guests started coming. When I stepped out of the room to help out with the preps, much to my amazement, the baby cot that bessie B promised was already set up in one corner! I was soooo happy I literally almost jumped for joy! That’s 2 surprises in just one day! :)

A little while later, my cousin S and friend C arrived with more of the props for the baby shower. They began working on the bibs to be used as name tags by the guests, and even made use of the ever handy blowdryer for the names’ quick drying.
writing out the names
...and drying them up

my hostesses goofing around

When the guests, who were mostly friends from work, arrived, the hostesses commenced the party by holding games. The guests enthusiastically joined without hesitation. Our first game was Guess Mom's Tummy Size where 5 ladies were picked to pull the ribbon to the size they believe would fit perfectly around the center of my pregnant tummy. Hazel, my fellow preggy team mate, got it closest to my tummy’s actual size. She won herself a set of incense with burner.

trying to measure me up

The second game was Draw A Baby Game where each of the guests were asked to put a plate (made of styro so no worries of breaking) on top of their heads, and instructed to draw the baby’s eyes, nose, mouth, ears and hair one by one using their colored marker. The best drawing took home a Bath & Body Works Shower Gel, and this prize went to C.

draw me a baby

The third game was the Baby Shower Memory Game where a clothesline with all the pictures of different baby items were hung for everyone to see. S & B held up the line for a minute, took it down, and had everyone write down every item they can remember from memory in just 30 seconds. my dear friend at work, Jen, won herself a Mango coin purse. We later learned from her that apparently in Australia, they call the pacifier as dummy (same in the UK!)

the serious contenders

The fourth game was the ever-popular Charades where 2 groups of 3 competed with one another in guessing the pregnancy symptoms that I listed and picked out. the team who won the game received 3 pieces of Blue Rocking Horse Bookmark for each of the members.

guess what symptom is this
how about this?
The funniest game of all was the Who Sucks The Best. Five single ladies drank iced tea out of baby bottles and raced to finish first. Gina won this game with a Homes R Us picture frame as prize. It was the most hilarious game of all as it was a delight watching the girls suck with all their might to win. After this game, we all went ahead to eat.
the suckers

As the baby shower’s theme was an afternoon tea party, we had a variety of English bread, slices of cakes, a selection of chicken, vegetable and cheese sandwiches, homemade cupcakes ordered from Baked in Dubai, and a luscious chocolate cake from Coco’s served to the guests. As Filipinos are not exactly hot tea drinkers, we all made do with iced tea to go with the sweets and pastries. Fresh fruit salad made up of apples, strawberry, kiwi, grapes and oranges in mango syrup was also brought to the table (I made that!). Of course, a birthday is not complete without noodles to represent long life. The pancit bihon and canton were a hit they got finished in an instant!

from the Ranolas
my pic with the ladies

After everyone had eaten, I started opening the gifts from my guests. I was so delighted to receive these items, which I really need for the baby when he arrives:

Thereafter, I raffled off hubby’s famous carrot cake, and a hand towel to those who bought raffle tickets. The proceeds of the raffle went to Baby D’s diaper fund, and I must say, we earned a good amount out of the 25 raffle tickets my hosts sold. Each raffle ticket costs AED 5 (around $1.35). Now that takes care of baby’s diapers for a good 2 months :D

To cap off the shower, I had the chance to mix and mingle with my cousins and male friends who came after the shower to greet me a “happy birthday”. We took some souvenir snaps, had a quick dinner, and called it a night.

hubby trying to fit us in his arms
with my pretty cousins
with photog pal K, G, cousin A & bessie B

I didn’t expect the baby shower to be a lot of fun! Thanks to my hostesses, S & B, the party was a success! It was a truly unforgettable birthday for me – one that I will always remember with fondest memories.


andrea said...

mukhang malapit na nga sya talaga.. baby girl naman sa susunod ha... nice ideas for baby shower particularly the bib one..

we are currently staying sa parent's house ni leo. the whole haws ah samin so kame rin in charge ng renovation and all (with contributions from his parents din, they are all in US). ang gastos pala gurl. i never thought na ganitong kagastos plus we have monthly car payments pa... waaahh.. kaya parang feeling ko since i am working my ass i need a BAG... :)

PM said...

great party, gracie! love the details!

Jacqui Co-Soriano said...

hi gracie,

love,love the baby shower ideas. I am so excited of course, to have my own baby shower ...

will borrow somoe of your party games ha like best sucker game, and the cake raffle. Nice idea for diaper fund, I must say. I can't wait! Hihihihi! :)

Gracie said...

thanks, gurl! i wish nga baby girl ang sumunod :)
yung bib name tags idea ni Sarj yun. cutie no?
tama, sa lahat ng ginagawa mo ngayon, you deserve that bag :D

Gracie said...

hi pat,
thanks, dear - we really had a blast, and buti na lang i'm surrounded with girl friends na particular din sa details. they're so cute irl :)

Gracie said...

hi jacqui,
thank you! of course, feel free to borrow some ideas. the games are really fun you'll have a blast, i tell you! :)

AEC said...

what a great party/shower. :) everything was so well thought of. belated happy birthday and get ready na, malapit naaa!!

gracious said...

Hi Gracie,
Your birthday/birthday shower looked so much fun :)
Lapit na nga...take care.


lleng said...

hi gracie!

what a nice baby shower and birthday party.

ur so lucky and blessed to have them as ur circle of friends.

malapit ka na talagang mag BOOM!haha..excited na kaming makita ang baby mo.

have a safe delivery girl!

Gracie said...

hi mandy,
thank you! i owe it all to my cuz & bessie :)
yup, getting ready na talaga 'cos super lapit na dumating ni Baby D!

Gracie said...

hi gracious,
oh, we really had fun - ang kwela ng mga hosts & guests. one of my best birthdays ever :) thanks for stopping by!

Gracie said...

hi lleng,
thanks - super blessed talaga ako! and thanks also for your well wishes. excited na kami (lalo na ako!!) :) just a few more weeks to go!