Sunday, June 28, 2009

34th Week Fill In

I had my check up yesterday, and so far, so good. My BP is ok, baby’s heartbeat is excellent, and my weight gain is adequate. The only question I had about my pregnancy is my chances at giving birth via normal delivery. I was assured by my OB that he doesn’t see any reason why I couldn’t. However, he did point out that based on my last growth scan, I am carrying a big baby (darn those cupcakes!). At 32 weeks, Baby D was already weighing 2.2 kg (4.85 lbs). he’s afraid he might have induce me and do a CS operation if the baby reaches 4 kg (8.8 lbs). Yikes! I do hope not.

Other than my concern about baby’s size, everything is well and good. Although I am still suffering from the numbing sensation from my right arm down to the tips of my fingers at night, I am just keeping in mind that it will soon go away. I have also started doing my walking exercises last weekend. I plan to keep walking (or rather waddling) even during weekdays as I am hoping to deliver by my 37th week, or at least a couple of days before or after my due date. My OB is going on holiday on the 13th August, just 5 days after my due date so I'm crossing my fingers that Baby D decides to pop out sooner than later.

With regard to my Mom’s visit, everything is now in place. Her visa is ready, as well as her tickets, which were booked courtesy of my cousin S. We got a fairly good deal so we’re really, really happy! My cousin has a flight to Manila this coming weekend to hand over the documents to my Mom. Meanwhile, Dad is scheduled to fly in around the 3rd week of August.

We have also started preparing for the arrival of the newest member of our young family. We already bought detergent soap and fabric conditioner for baby’s clothes, and I’ve already set aside the ones that need to be washed *good luck, Hon!*.  The nursery is scheduled to be fixed this Friday by the Daddy-to-be while I am keeping myself preoccupied in compiling the items needed to be kept in the hospital bag. And since I plan on working ‘til I go on labor, I have already written down the phone number of the Labor & Delivery Suite of my hospital for my team mates’ sakes. They could easily spot it on my desk’s whiteboard written in RED…LOL!

I hope the days would pass by so swiftly as I am already eager to meet our little boy!


Eper said...

I'm crossing my fingers (and toes!) that you won't have to undergo CS. I hope Baby D doesn't grow too big... Praying for you and the baby :)

Ozzy's Mom said...

naku malapit na, let's pray for a safe delivery grace :)

something for u pala.

Gracie said...

thanks, eper! i really, really hope so, too. appreciate the prayers. hugs!

Gracie said...

thank you, Vannie! and thanks also for the award :)