Sunday, June 28, 2009

34th Week Fill In

I had my check up yesterday, and so far, so good. My BP is ok, baby’s heartbeat is excellent, and my weight gain is adequate. The only question I had about my pregnancy is my chances at giving birth via normal delivery. I was assured by my OB that he doesn’t see any reason why I couldn’t. However, he did point out that based on my last growth scan, I am carrying a big baby (darn those cupcakes!). At 32 weeks, Baby D was already weighing 2.2 kg (4.85 lbs). he’s afraid he might have induce me and do a CS operation if the baby reaches 4 kg (8.8 lbs). Yikes! I do hope not.

Other than my concern about baby’s size, everything is well and good. Although I am still suffering from the numbing sensation from my right arm down to the tips of my fingers at night, I am just keeping in mind that it will soon go away. I have also started doing my walking exercises last weekend. I plan to keep walking (or rather waddling) even during weekdays as I am hoping to deliver by my 37th week, or at least a couple of days before or after my due date. My OB is going on holiday on the 13th August, just 5 days after my due date so I'm crossing my fingers that Baby D decides to pop out sooner than later.

With regard to my Mom’s visit, everything is now in place. Her visa is ready, as well as her tickets, which were booked courtesy of my cousin S. We got a fairly good deal so we’re really, really happy! My cousin has a flight to Manila this coming weekend to hand over the documents to my Mom. Meanwhile, Dad is scheduled to fly in around the 3rd week of August.

We have also started preparing for the arrival of the newest member of our young family. We already bought detergent soap and fabric conditioner for baby’s clothes, and I’ve already set aside the ones that need to be washed *good luck, Hon!*.  The nursery is scheduled to be fixed this Friday by the Daddy-to-be while I am keeping myself preoccupied in compiling the items needed to be kept in the hospital bag. And since I plan on working ‘til I go on labor, I have already written down the phone number of the Labor & Delivery Suite of my hospital for my team mates’ sakes. They could easily spot it on my desk’s whiteboard written in RED…LOL!

I hope the days would pass by so swiftly as I am already eager to meet our little boy!

And Then There's More

I want to utilize this blog to thank the generous people in our lives who showered our LO with their very special gifts. Even days after the baby shower, the gifts just keep on comin'.

My colleague, May gave this soother and pack of bodysuits for the little man. These are perfect as he needs more bodysuits (I never shopped much for baby clothes kasi), and the soother matches the beddings & the crib mobile, which we also got from Mothercare.

Marky, also a friend at work, gifted our son a keepsake clay set, which I intend to get for him. This would look nice in the nursery, don't you think?

Mary, another friend at work, gave Baby D 2 sets of bodysuits good for 0-3 months & 3-6 months. These would surely come in handy, especially with the kind of weather we have these days :)

And then there's the Tuc-Tuc gift certificates from Bobby, Ditas & Yesha. I must say we were so surprised with the amount (let's just say it's really a huge amount, in our opinion), and the shop itself is known here in the UAE as a seller of utterly expensive baby & kiddie items. I wanted to maximize every penny they spent for the GCs, so I decided to use it up during their sale period. And what do you know, while doing my walking exercise at the Dubai Festival City last Friday, we saw a huge SALE sign by their door! Of course we took the opportunity to use up the vouchers, and after half an hour, we found ourselves with these by the cash register:

I still have a Burjuman GC from Louise, which we're yet to spend. It's good for one year so maybe we'll use it in the next coming months. I promise to post it here as I also told her we'll let her know what we'll end up getting for Baby D.

Again, to all our thoughtful friends who've been so sweet to our darling angel - many, many thanks from the bottom of our hearts. Your kindheartedness mean so much to us. May God bless you all!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Daddy's Birthday Gift

Big thanks to my Dad who gave in to get me this spiffy camcorder for my birthday (actually, he's paying for 2/3 of the actual price...not bad, eh!):

This is so much better than the Sony I wanted! First of all, this is HD (yeah!). We compared this to its Sony counterpart, and we were totally sold to these features & specs:

Standard Definition or High Definition High Definition
Power Consumption 4.0 w (SP mode)
Image Sensor 1/3.2" CMOS Sensor, RGB Primary Color Filter
Total Pixels Approx. 3.3 Megapixels
Effective Pixels Movies: Approx. 2.07 Megapixels (1920x1080)
Still image: Approx. 2.76 Megapixels (1920x1440)
Maximum recording time 8 GB SDHC Card
LP (5 Mbps) 3 hours
SP (7 Mbps) 2 hours 20 min
XP+ (12 Mbps) 1 hour 25 min
FXP (17 Mbps) 1 hour -Allows 1920x1080 Full HD Recording. Greater recording time is possible with a higher capacity SDHC memory card.
Lens Zoom Ratio 12x Optical/200x Digital
Focal Length f=4.8-57mm
Zoom Speed Variable/3 Fixed Zoom Speeds
Max. F/Stop f/1.8-3.0mm
Filter Size 37mm
Focusing System Instant AF, Through the Lens/Manual Focusing Possible
Manual Exposure Yes
Programmed AE Auto, Program, Av, Tv, CINEMA, Portrait, Sports, Night, Snow, Beach, Sunset, Spotlight, Fireworks
Max Shutter Speed 1/2000
1/500 (card)
Auto Date/Time Yes
Record Search/Review Yes
Minimum Focusing Distance 10 mm (wide)/1m (tele)
White Balance Daylight, Shade, Cloudy, Tungsten, Fluorescent, Fluorescent H, Auto, Manual
Image Stabilization SuperRange Optical (lens shift)
Viewfinder None
LCD Screen 2.7" Multi-Angle Vivid Widescreen LCD (Approx. 211,000 pixels)
Recording Media SD/SDHC Memory Card (not supplied)
Video Terminal component (output), composite (output)
Audio Dolby Digital 2ch (AC-3 2 ch)
Accessory Shoe mini Advanced
Supplied Video Editing Software Pixela ImageMixer 3SE
HDMI Terminal Type C 480i/480p/1080I Format Supported
Microphone Terminal 3.5 mm Stereo Mini-jack
AV Mini Terminal/Headphone Terminal 3.5 mm 4 pole Mini-jack
Dimensions (WxHxD) 2.9 x 2.5 x 5.1 in (73x64x129mm)
Weight (not including lens and battery pack) 13.4 oz (380g)

Canon has released the Vixia HF200, its newer, upgraded version but unfortunately, it's out of stock. The limited budget we have could only afford this little piece of machine so it didn't really matter. By the way, this camcorder came with a 2 free Class 2 2GB SD cards and a tripod, so we're extra happy. All we need to do now is get ourselves a Class 6 16 GB SD card from ebay, and we're ready to roll! :)

To this new addition to our toy collection, welcome to our growing Canon family! Let's make memories (and capture them) together! :)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The B.B.B.S. (Birthday Bash & Baby Shower)

Last Saturday, we booked a suite at Dusit Thani Dubai Hotel for my birthday weekend, and to hold my baby shower, which was hosted by my cousin S, and bessie B. As hubby had to work that day, we checked in at 7:00 am. It was a pleasant surprise when we learned of the amenities and benefits our package included during our stay:

  • early check in and late check out
  • free upgrade to a 2 bedroom-suite
  • complimentary hi-speed internet access
  • complimentary local calls
  • access to the Club Executive Lounge
  • complimentary breakfast for two at The Californian at the 24th Floor

Unfortunately, we didn’t get the biggest suite (the 1700 series) this time because they’re all booked. But we did manage to get this suite, which has an amazing view of the tallest building in the world:

As soon as we dropped our stuff at our suite, hubby & I grabbed a bite at the Club Executive Lounge before he ran off for his duty at work.

busy watching Christiane Amanpour on CNN

As I had nothing better to do, I decided to take a nap while waiting for my bestfriend to help me pick up some food from the pastry maker nearby. When she rang the doorbell, imagine my surprise when I opened the door and saw her with a Sara Lee McCain cake complete with a 31 candle! She also picked up a big, foot-shaped Mylar balloon for the baby shower, and a Mommy-to-be sash for me. Bless her for being so sweet! Afterwards, we went ahead with the remaining errands that morning.

By midday, we were done picking up the food and having lunch so we went back straight to the hotel to prepare. Balloons were inflated, food were arranged on the platters, and B and my photog friend K alternately took photos of the details of the small party.
the invitation courtesy of cousin S
the token: bath confetti
the cutesy cups

I took a shower to freshen up before the guests started coming. When I stepped out of the room to help out with the preps, much to my amazement, the baby cot that bessie B promised was already set up in one corner! I was soooo happy I literally almost jumped for joy! That’s 2 surprises in just one day! :)

A little while later, my cousin S and friend C arrived with more of the props for the baby shower. They began working on the bibs to be used as name tags by the guests, and even made use of the ever handy blowdryer for the names’ quick drying.
writing out the names
...and drying them up

my hostesses goofing around

When the guests, who were mostly friends from work, arrived, the hostesses commenced the party by holding games. The guests enthusiastically joined without hesitation. Our first game was Guess Mom's Tummy Size where 5 ladies were picked to pull the ribbon to the size they believe would fit perfectly around the center of my pregnant tummy. Hazel, my fellow preggy team mate, got it closest to my tummy’s actual size. She won herself a set of incense with burner.

trying to measure me up

The second game was Draw A Baby Game where each of the guests were asked to put a plate (made of styro so no worries of breaking) on top of their heads, and instructed to draw the baby’s eyes, nose, mouth, ears and hair one by one using their colored marker. The best drawing took home a Bath & Body Works Shower Gel, and this prize went to C.

draw me a baby

The third game was the Baby Shower Memory Game where a clothesline with all the pictures of different baby items were hung for everyone to see. S & B held up the line for a minute, took it down, and had everyone write down every item they can remember from memory in just 30 seconds. my dear friend at work, Jen, won herself a Mango coin purse. We later learned from her that apparently in Australia, they call the pacifier as dummy (same in the UK!)

the serious contenders

The fourth game was the ever-popular Charades where 2 groups of 3 competed with one another in guessing the pregnancy symptoms that I listed and picked out. the team who won the game received 3 pieces of Blue Rocking Horse Bookmark for each of the members.

guess what symptom is this
how about this?
The funniest game of all was the Who Sucks The Best. Five single ladies drank iced tea out of baby bottles and raced to finish first. Gina won this game with a Homes R Us picture frame as prize. It was the most hilarious game of all as it was a delight watching the girls suck with all their might to win. After this game, we all went ahead to eat.
the suckers

As the baby shower’s theme was an afternoon tea party, we had a variety of English bread, slices of cakes, a selection of chicken, vegetable and cheese sandwiches, homemade cupcakes ordered from Baked in Dubai, and a luscious chocolate cake from Coco’s served to the guests. As Filipinos are not exactly hot tea drinkers, we all made do with iced tea to go with the sweets and pastries. Fresh fruit salad made up of apples, strawberry, kiwi, grapes and oranges in mango syrup was also brought to the table (I made that!). Of course, a birthday is not complete without noodles to represent long life. The pancit bihon and canton were a hit they got finished in an instant!

from the Ranolas
my pic with the ladies

After everyone had eaten, I started opening the gifts from my guests. I was so delighted to receive these items, which I really need for the baby when he arrives:

Thereafter, I raffled off hubby’s famous carrot cake, and a hand towel to those who bought raffle tickets. The proceeds of the raffle went to Baby D’s diaper fund, and I must say, we earned a good amount out of the 25 raffle tickets my hosts sold. Each raffle ticket costs AED 5 (around $1.35). Now that takes care of baby’s diapers for a good 2 months :D

To cap off the shower, I had the chance to mix and mingle with my cousins and male friends who came after the shower to greet me a “happy birthday”. We took some souvenir snaps, had a quick dinner, and called it a night.

hubby trying to fit us in his arms
with my pretty cousins
with photog pal K, G, cousin A & bessie B

I didn’t expect the baby shower to be a lot of fun! Thanks to my hostesses, S & B, the party was a success! It was a truly unforgettable birthday for me – one that I will always remember with fondest memories.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Year Older

Today is my 31st birthday. Another year added to my age. I honestly don't care about the figure as I have something very beautiful to expect this year. And a lot of blessings have come my way the past year so I really can't complain. In fact, there are hundreds of reasons for me to feel grateful that I've lost count already. All I know is that my life is immensely blessed, and in general, I am extremely happy.

The Lord has given me so much abundance in life. As I celebrate another year of blissful happenstance, I cannot help but feel so overwhelmed with the outpour of love coming from all directions. I praise my Maker for giving me so many reasons to be thankful for whenever I wake up in the morning. My life is not the best there is but I am contented with what I have.

I have a husband whose steadfast love keeps me going each day...
I have a loving family who is always there for me...
I have real friends who stick with me no matter what...
I have a stable job that supports me and our growing family...
I have my good health that allows me to do the things I love to do...
...and I have my faith that makes me feel at peace with myself and with everything else.

And as if these aren't enough to make me happy, I get this as a birthday present from the one who holds my heart:

Thank you so much, Honey! You always try to make my wishes come true, and you never fail.

Life is great, and I am happy to be alive! I celebrate this day with pure joy in my heart, and I sing with praise for all the blessings that keep darting my way :)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Turning Four

Whatever happened to that cute baby I was cuddling 3 1/2 years ago?  Has she grown so quickly that she's turned into this pretty little young lady already?

My goodness! Time flies so fast indeed!

Happy 4th birthday, my dear niece! I know how much you miss us but know that we miss you, too...terribly! Sorry we missed another birthday of yours but we promise to be there in a few more months. Our gift for you will arrive in a couple of days through Ninang Sarj. We hope you'll like them. Love you much! xxxx

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Much-coveted Frame

While having lunch, my Pinoy family at work surprised me with this digital photo frame that I have long been yearning for:

my very own Kodak Easyshare P720

What a lovely birthday gift, no?

Hubby acknowledges my love for picture frames and photographs but he just doesn’t see the need for me to get one these when we already have photo frames in boxes still waiting to be displayed in our bedroom. I am just so happy that my wish has finally been granted! I cannot wait to start filling the memory cards with our pictures and Baby D’s!

My heartfelt thanks to my Pinoy colleagues who remembered my special day (on Saturday) and took time to get me a gift this precious. The next time you come and visit us at home, you will definitely find this frame displayed with our captured memories in it.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Different Kind of Bump

This morning, we had a little fender-bender on the way to work. We were cruising along just fine when the three cars in front us made a sudden halt. The white car directly in front was able to stop on time to avoid hitting the car in front of him, and luckily, Ryan was able to step on the brakes on time, too. unfortunately, The car behind us wasn’t able to, and so he hit our poor Yumi which caused her to lunge forward and hit the white car in front of us.

In just a matter of seconds, we were sandwiched in between two cars and both our bumpers sustained damages. The rear bumper was misaligned a bit and had very minor scratches but the front one needs a replacement because a portion of it was torn because of the impact. Tsk, tsk!

Thank God no one was hurt, and that we were all running at a nominal speed (50 kph), so we were able to prevent further damage and possible injuries. I wasn’t even shaken by the impact as I already kind of anticipated the rear-ender. The moment we stopped and missed the car in front of us, I automatically looked at the side mirror and knew immediately that the car behind us wouldn’t be able to halt on time. Ryan was insisting I should go and see the doctor to check if i’m fine but I assured him that I’m ok. The force wasn’t that hard, thankfully. it was just like a sudden step on the brakes. the seatbelt didn’t even tighten when we moved forward, and I didn’t feel a thing. I imagine missing the curb while walking is much worse than that.

In case I feel anything strange today, I will not hesitate to go to the hospital. For now, I will just observe myself and see how I’d feel as the day progresses.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tabachina Me

This is me on my 31st week…looking really enormous during our Quarterly Staff Meeting at work.

And now that I’ve entered my 32nd week, I must tell you that i look bigger than that! My shoes barely fit my swollen feet, and my clothes hug me as if they’re ready to explode with my continuous expansion. Although I only packed 3 pounds in two weeks, I look as if I gained 10!

Had my 32nd week check up with the OB last Sunday, and just by a quick headcount, I can give birth in about 5-10 weeks’ time. Talk about time flying in a speed of a bullet! I also had a growth scan, and from the looks of the sonographer, the ultrasound went well although the results weren’t released to me yet. I am hopeful that baby is growing well in Mommy’s tummy, and that no complications would arise in the remaining weeks ahead. Baby’s heartbeat is A-ok, too, which is a relief for me & Daddy-to-be.

The little man’s fetal activity is much more active since I entered my 8th month. He’s punching and kicking a lot especially at night when I am ready to retire. I’ve noticed patterns of when he’s awake, and when he’s sleeping (and probably dreaming of me & hubby!). But I really love, love, love it when he’s being malikot!

I can no longer wait 'til I deliver! I am so excited to see our precious munchkin and hold him in my arms. I’ve been dreaming a lot about babies recently, and most of the time, I do tend to stare at infants I see everywhere. Since I got pregnant, I had this urge to hug, kiss, and play with babies! I can’t wait for my time to do that to my own little one!

Friday, June 12, 2009

A Week From Now

...I'll be turning a year older. Though there will be no celebration at all, I am still hoping to get gifts from Ryan & my family ;-) They may be lurking around to get some ideas of what to get for me, so I'm posting this short list of what I want to have, materially speaking. I'm sure by now you all know what my real birthday wish is, right?

Item no. 1
Damier Neverfull GM

I noticed that every Mom is strutting with a big bag most of the time. I don't have one as the biggest bag I have in my closet is my Petit Noe, which I love 'cos I can carry it on my shoulders though not big enough to dump many items.

Truth be told, I didn't like this bag when it was released in Monogram but I had a change of heart when they issued pieces in Damier. Hubby liked it when he saw Jody lugging it, and thought it would also look nice on me. So here's hoping & praying that he'll get this bag for me on my birthday, as I declined getting a gift last Christmas :)

Item no. 2

Sony DCR-SX40

Now that the baby is nearing his due date, I'm also busy scouting for a reliable handycam that we can use to capture his grand entrance into this world. We would of course love to capture his milestones on video, so I thought it would be wise to invest on a good quality handycam.

So far, amongst all the choices I have on Sony's 2009 catalogue, this one is what I personally think is perfect for us - compact, light and very ideal for a subject that moves around a lot :) And it's HD, too!  The reviews are good, and for its price, it's swak sa budget! The better talaga if I would be gifted with this (paging Daddy & Mommy!) :D

Item no. 3

Burberry Charm Watch

I've been eyeing this cute watch since December of last year but haven't gotten around to buying it for myself because...well, simply because I don't have the heart to make a purchase this much when I know I'll be delivering soon. Since I learned I'm pregnant, I've never, ever made any purchase for myself that is not related to pregnancy. I didn't buy myself a gift last Christmas, and I don't see myself shopping for my stuff in the near future. I don't know...I just don't feel like spending money on me. I feel guilty, I guess :(

So here's why I'm posting it here. In case any relative or friend of mine wins the lottery, I'd be happy to receive such, kahit second hand lang :)


Seriously, it doesn't matter to me if
i don't receive any of these items on my birthday. I have a very beautiful gift I'm expecting in a few weeks' time, and that's more than enough reason for me to feel greatly blessed on my birthday.