Sunday, May 17, 2009

Two Down, One To Go

Yesterday was my 28th week, and I am happy to share with you that my check up went really well. Baby’s doing alright, and his heartbeat is excellent!  His position is also great according to the doctor.  I was supposed to have a scan but my OB had an emergency C-section to do so my check up was delayed for half an hour and was rather quick as the doctor had to rush to get back to the other patient. He promised though that I will have the scan on my next visit, which is in two weeks’ time. He even asked the hubby to bring with him a memory stick so we can save the pictures.

I’ve gained about 5 pounds since my last check up. the OB didn’t say anything about it so I assumed that’s still a respectable amount to gain. I’ve discussed my numbing right hand issue which is giving me sleepless nights, and was told that it is all due to water retention. He assured me though that it will go away once I deliver *can’t it be sooner? huhuhu!*
Now that I’m on my last stretch of pregnancy, I’ve noticed that Baby D’s kicks are now accompanied by jabs, pokes and squirms. It has started to feel painful, but it doesn’t matter – this pain I welcome with open arms! He is more active now and is starting to recognize my voice. The reading sessions are still on every night, which I never miss, however sleepy or tired I am. And it’s amazing how the little boy makes a movement every time I talk to him! So sweet!

My diet is still the same – breakfast, heavy lunch and light dinner. I can barely finish a full meal anymore in the evenings. Like last night, I just had a cup of yoghurt and a glass of water for dinner. Maybe because I’m snacking in between that’s why I need not eat a lot come supper time.

So what are the other changes I’ve noticed now that I’ve officially entered the third trimester? One is the numbing of my other hand, too (yes, after right comes the left). Another is the appearance of a few stretchmarks on my lower abdomen despite my diligent slathering of Mustela 9 Months. I’ve also observed my feet looking slightly swollen in the morning *yikes!* my gingerlike feet are now starting to look like balloons stuck on the floor. Getting the right sleeping position has also been a challenge at night apart from getting up for the frequent trips to the bathroom to pee. A lot of the aches and pains are surfacing now but just thinking of how soon I’ll finally see my little boy makes it all worth it.

Daddy-to-be is now more excited than ever. I just love how he showers my tummy with kisses every night before going to bed. I can just picture in my head the kind of bonding they’ll have once Baby D is out. I’m sure they’ll make a terrific tandem to torment the poor Mommy…haha! :)

I cannot be thankful enough for the positive notes on my pregnancy. I fervently pray that everything continues to go well until I give birth.  All we ask is for baby’s good health more than anything else. Please continue praying for us, ok? Thank you!


Crinklynose said...

hi dearie! glad to know that everything's doing a-ok with the little guy :o) i'm sure you're uber excited na, hehehee :o)

btw, about stretchmarks, on top of the mustela that you're applying, try using palmer's cocoa butter formula, the one in a jar not yung nasa tube nor bottle. it's pretty cheap and it worked for me. i was expecting stretchmarks kasi my older sister had a bad case of stretchmarks when she was preggo so i was expecting the same for me. thank goodness wala namang lumabas. i think yung cocoa butter talga helped a lot. see if u can find one from there, it's about $5 for the 250g jar and doesn't have any parabens. of course nothing beats the magic of water... so don't forget to indulge :o)

tc dearie!!!

Gracie said...

hi berns,
thanks for the tip! you're so lucky you didn't get any stretchmarks. we have Palmer's here, too, so i'll check it out later. despite the amount of water i drink (3 liters in a day), meron pa ring lumabas *so sad!*
take care, my dear!

Eper said...

I feel for you Gracie. I'm on my 33rd week and it can get really uncomfortable at times. There's nothing to do but grin and bear it :)