Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Story of The Month

We have a newsletter at work that’s being circulated on a monthly basis. A lot of interesting and useful articles are featured there, and there are a also a couple of quizzes that you can answer where you can get a chance to win vouchers to one of the biggest malls here in the UAE. As I never win in these contests, I just decided to submit an article for the ‘story of the month’. It was the same contest I joined where I won myself an Apple iPod Nano a couple of years ago.

And what do you know, my article got accepted and now I’m expecting a prize of around USD200 worth of shopping vouchers. Isn’t that cool? Hmm, I wonder what I will spend my vouchers for :)


gracious said...

Yey! That's so cool.. maybe more cute things for your baby? :)

Gracie said...

hi gracious,
yep, that's the plan! :) i can use it at Carter's & Debenhams.