Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Shoot

The same day I had my dizzy spell, I had my first maternity photo shoot courtesy of our pro-photographer friend, K. He wanted to rehash his skills on indoor shooting so he asked me to be his guinea pig while he played with the lights in the studio. He just advised me the day before so I didn’t have time to prepare – not that there is much preparation to do anyway :)

So now I am sharing with you pics of my first maternity photo shoot (first because there will be a 2nd part when my tummy is a lot bigger – around 8 months or so). I wish I'm as gutsy as Che who had amazing pics taken by her hubby but we’ll see how it goes the next time. By the way, my bestfriend, B & bestcuz, Sarj were with us, too, during the shoot. They also posed as models for K, so you’ll see their faces, as well, in the following photos.
the Mommy-to-be
with my dearest girlfriends
laughing my heart out
me & my belly
product of love
Adidas-billboard wannabe

You may be wondering where Ryan was during the shoot. He was inside the studio the whole time helping K move the lights. He promised though that he will participate in the next session as I have a few things in my mind as poses for a couple in anticipation of their little one.


Jade said...

nice photos! galing! ako, i didn't have the courage magpa picture nung buntis ako, i feel so ugly. bakit ikaw, hindi?

got a tag for you.

cheche said...

lovely! i'll wait for the daring ones, i know you can do it =D

cute ng last pic parang it makes me want baby to come out n. as in now na!!!

Gracie said...

hi jade,
thank you, my dear! naku, medyo napilitan lang ako nyan. di ako talaga psychologically ready to do it. buti na lang nandun cousin & bestfriend ko so it ended up being a fun photo shoot.
i sometimes feel ugly, too, but hubby assures me na ok naman daw ako. and whenever people say na cute ako magbuntis, ayos na 'ko dun. madali ako mauto! hehe! :)

Gracie said...

hi che,
malupit na lakasan ng loob ang daring photos. we'll see kung kakayanin ko! :)
lalabas na rin si Baby G once of these days. pinasasabik ka lang lalo! :)

tracypamela said...

OMG!!!!! ang daring ng last few photos!! hahaha!! you're lucky you still don't have strechmarks.. sana i can also find time for that. sobrang tamad na ko lately eh..

Gracie said...

hi tracy,
i was tense the whole time - ngayon lang ako nagmala-Demi Moore na pose sa buong buhay ko! :) i hope wala ngang lumabas na stretchmarks...i still have a long way to go.
i hope you can do it, kahit hindi daring. basta as a keepsake lang to add sa time capsule mo.

jane said...

love the photos and the shoes!!!

Big Eyed Gal said...

Wow! Sabi nga ni Kris Aquino... "I lavvv eeet!!!" Haha! Seriously, I love the photos. Di pa pala daring yan. Now I'm excited to see the photos on your next shoot. Wee! Cheers for looking very radiant and flawless! :)

Vanniedosa said...

wow, those are super daring but tastefully done shoots! great job gracie. ♥

Gracie said...

hi jane,
thanks - the shoes were a gift from the ninang-to-be. cutesy talaga! with matching socks pa yan :)

Gracie said...

hi valerie,
thank you dear! lakasan lang talaga ng loob. buti na lang supportive ang hubby, cuz & bessie ko. promise i'll post the next set of pics. sana lang walang stretchmarks na lumabas!

Gracie said...

hi vannie,
thanks girlfriend! buti na lang magaling ang friend namin. he used to shoot models din kasi back home for magazines so maayos ang mga shots. sana ikaw rin makapagpa-maternity photo shoot. sexy ka eh, so mas bagay sa'yo.

mm said...

nice photos

Crinklynose said...

vavavoooom!! what can i say? pregnant women are just hot hot hot :o)

nice shots girl :o) blooming talaga si mommy-to-be :o)

Gracie said...

hi mm,
thanks dear!

Gracie said...

hi berns,
thanks, my dear! mukhang nadaya ng lights no? LOL! :)

Faye said...

nice photo shoot sis!ganda ng kuha mo :) love it!:)

Gracie said...

hi faye,
thanks, sis! i'm glad you liked them. it's a wonderful compliment coming from a photographer :)

Mich said...

awwww lovely photos Gracie! love it!

Thanks for dropping by! and the kind words :)

Munchkin Mommy said...

beautiful photos, gracie!!! i look forward to seeing the ones with ryan. :D

Gracie said...

hi mich,
thanks so much! :)

Gracie said...

hi munchkinmommy,
thank you! yes, i promise i will post the ones with Ryan :) i'm excited already!

Kelly said...