Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Loot for Baby D

Indulge me my friends for sharing these goodies that I recently got for our baby. I’m just ecstatic because these items were bought courtesy of my sideline earnings, and they've finally reached the UAE shores to be included in our little one’s growing number of stuff.

I ordered these stuff from and had them shipped to my cousin, Lorina, who’s based in San Diego, CA.

These shoes were ordered from Robeez courtesy of my friend, Nick, who shipped the pairs to my cousin so that they can be included in the box for shipping.

Imagine my delight when I opened the box yesterday and found these extra goodies:

Thanks a ton to my Aunt Malou, and cousins Lorina & Mharla for these cute items for the LO! Love ‘em all!

In addition to these items, I also asked my Mom to buy some newborn clothes from Manila, which will be sent through my cousin, Sarj, who’s currently on holiday back home. Just a handful more stuff and we’re all set for the baby’s arrival. Well, almost. Ryan still has to find time to set up the nursery, which will be done after he sets up his entertainment system.


Rowena said...

Nice Blog. I got those onesies and towels for my first baby too. They really are so comfortable for baby. Congratulations and Good luck

Crinklynose said...

lucky bebe naman, hehehee :o)

hugs from the uber hot hot hot state of arizona :o) grabe, ang init dito, hehheee!!!

Gracie said...

hi rowena,
thanks for the visit! :) i love Carter's - they're so cute and soft for the baby!

Gracie said...

hi berns,
mas lucky bebe mo - daming dresses & very nice nursery :)
hugs back to you from the uber hot emirate of Dubai. mainit na rin dito eh...hirap na huminga when you're outside!