Thursday, May 28, 2009

Housewarming Parties

This weekend is gonna be packed for us! Tomorrow and on Saturday, we will be hosting two housewarming parties. The first day will be attended by my Pinoy colleagues while the second day will be attended by our college friends, Dubai w@wie friends, former room mates and cousins.

We’re so excited already! Although we know that hard work awaits us when we get home tonight, we’re sure it will be all worth it. The house will be filled with people for a change. It’d be nice to have others surround us over lunch.

Speaking of lunch, hubby and I brainstormed on what to serve our guests. Instead of hiring a caterer to do everything, we thought it would add a more personal touch of we would whip up the dishes ourselves. The menu is not flamboyant – just the usual Pinoy food you usually expect when you attend a gathering. I'll be preparing one dish only lest I summon any kitchen disaster thanks to my ever increasing clumsiness. The rest will be prepared by Ryan and my Bessie B.

I’m looking forward to loads of fun this weekend. Will be sharing pictures next week :)


Vanniedosa said...

wow, sounds like a fun weekend. can't wait to see pics:)

jody said...

Wow, you moved to a new place? Share pics...How's the buntis? complete na gamit ni baby?