Thursday, April 2, 2009

the winning bid

last February, i've made a mistake of ordering non-BPA free Dr. Brown’s Bottles from Baby Supermall. i should’ve waited till the end of March because they just released the BPA-free bottles. anyway, since i didn’t know what to do with the items, i decided to sell all 3 starter kits to, an online shop here in the UAE that works similarly to ebay. i managed to sell them all in less than a week’s time at a slightly lower price than what i paid for in total, including shipping fees.

while i was in the store, i curiously browsed through the new baby items being sold, and found myself bidding for this cute outfit for our little munchkin for only AED 180 (USD 48):

imagine my delight when i received the sms that i won the auction *hooray!*

i wish i’d be on a roll ‘till i give birth so that i’d continue winning even on small things like this. it feels great because i’m never lucky with draws or raffles, and i’m just pleased that i’m now experiencing this kind of joy. i hope this luck won’t rub off anytime soon.


Crinklynose said...

naku sis, ganyan talga. super kaka-tempt to buy cutie stuff for the little kiddo :o) however, take note that they grow up super fast so try to get bigger clothes or else ilang bes lang nila magagamit... sayang naman :o)

chaka based on my experience, try not to buy a lot of bottles muna. or if you're getting them na, try to get the bigger size. i got mikka those dr brown's as well but i got the 4oz bottles. now, she consumes 4oz na. i'm guessing in a few more weeks, she'd be gulping liters na, hahah :o)

enjoy your new flat :)

Gracie said...

hi berns,
that's so true! kaya nga iwas muna ko sa malls & buti rin walang net sa bahay or else magsho-shopping lang ako ng todo! so far, yan pa lang ang clothes na nabibili ko & baby's first set of onesies which he'll use going home from the hospital.
the bottles i bought were all 8 oz. i thought of buying 4 oz, kahit 3 pieces lang, but since i plan to nurse, baka hindi na lang. thanks for the tips ha!
little hugs to your angel who now gulps a lot :)