Sunday, April 26, 2009

the spell

if there’s a spell any pregnant woman would fear happening to her, i guess that’s the dizzy spell – especially when she’s alone!

last Friday, i had my dose of dizziness while we were out doing our favorite errand – grocery shopping. i am so thankful i was with the husband when it happened. it was morning, around 11:00 am, and we were already at the cashier when i suddenly felt weird. the room suddenly looked dark, and when i blinked, it went back to normal only to get dark again after 2 seconds. my initial reaction was “oh no!”, and tried to hold on to the counter. Ryan was busy putting the items to the conveyor belt and didn’t hear me speak, until i finally said in a weak voice, “nahihilo ako!” i dunno what went over my head because instead of holding on to Ryan, my instinct told me to go for the corner glass windows and lean towards them for support until i slowly slid down. Ryan was quick to catch me, asking me repeatedly if i was ok (obviously i wasn’t, but maybe he just didn’t know what to say because he was stunned, too). he said that the moment he saw me, i looked white as a ghost. my lips were so pale na parang uminom ng suka.

the Indian cashier was very kind and gave his seat for me, while another Indian helper in the store got me a bottle of water (a 1.5 liter at that!). i caused a quite a stir, and i am just so thankful there were kind souls that morning who helped me & Ryan.

good thing i didn’t pass out completely ‘cos i could’ve hurt the baby. just the thought of it got me pretty scared. Ryan told me that it’s his ultimate fear, too - that something like that would happen to me while he’s away or not physically with me. he told me that his Mama experienced that in the past, but his Papa wasn’t around. he remembers that story very well that’s why as much as possible, he never leaves me alone.

according to the book, “What To Expect…”, this is quite normal during pregnancy. the cause of dizziness and faintness was either due to the slow bloodflow from the baby back to my body or that my blood sugar was low. i just hope it doesn’t happen again. i promise i will make sure that i will never go out all by myself while pregnant as it may strike me anytime.


tracypamela said...

Oh no!! you experienced it na din. Ang scary di ba? Be more careful and yun nga, try to always have somebody with you as much as possible.

Gracie said...

hi tracy,
i was so scared when it happened...and to think i was with Ryan pa nun. ikaw nga una kong naalala. gosh, ganun pala feeling nun. naku, i'm never going anywhere by myself na talaga ever! we really have to be extra, extra careful not just for our sake, but for our baby's, which is our first and foremost priority.

Anonymous said...

do check your sugar level. it might be pregnancy induced diabetes.

Gracie said...

hi anonymous,
i've already done my Glucose Screening Test - negative with gestational diabetes. at this stage of my pregnancy, it's pretty normal to feel faintness or dizziness.

Kelly said...

thank goodness you're alright! and thank God Ryan was with you when it happened!

i myself had experienced that kind of dizziness pero nung hindi pako buntis :) i lost consciousness for a few seconds, good thing gats was with me. fortunately, that never happened again.

take care, gracie.

cheche said...

hi gracie! that was indeed scary. i experienced that when i was at work, with a patient! buti na lang he and his wife are understanding. they even let me rest for a while and got me a glass of cold water.

what happens kasi bumababa ung blood pressure mo. try not to stand for a long time. wear loose clothes, lalo na dyan mainit sa labas. and bring plenty of water with you.

sana it wont happen again. if it does, kasi hindi naman maiiwasan, hope you're with someone. it's really a terrible thing to experience.

take care!

Gracie said...

hi kelly,
thank you, girl! i sure hope it never happens again, lalo na when Ryan's not around. iba ang feeling di ba? tapos afterwards parang disoriented ka.
i promise to be very careful na lagi.

Gracie said...

hi che,
we're both lucky - at least it happened to us when we're both with people around us who could help us. kakatakot when you're all alone & no one to help you out. i really dread that!
thank you for the tips, Che! you take care, too!

Eper said...

I'm glad nothing bad happened and your hubby was with you. Take extra care and try not to go out all by yourself.

Gracie said...

hi eper,
thanks - i've vowed never to go out by myself again for fear na baka mangyari ulit.
take care, too! lapit ka na rin :)