Monday, April 13, 2009

our new bonding activity

while savoring my me-time last Thursday evening after work, i found myself picking up this book from Magrudy’s:

this compilation of Boy Stories jumpstarted my reading out loud sessions with Baby D. apart from this, i have asked my SIL, K to get us some really nice reads for the baby, which my cousins will bring here towards end of the month. they were supposed to arrive weeks ago, but since my other cousin still has basketball try-outs lined up, they decided to postpone their trip. i’m itching to get my hands on those books, which i am eager to read to our darling baby.

i was so pleased to have found something quite entertaining to do to bond with our little rascal who’s safely nestled in my tummy. i’ve read in books and forums that he can now keenly hear voices around him, as well as other reverberating sounds. i want Baby D to recognize my voice and Ryan’s easily, so i thought reading would be a wonderful activity for us before going to bed. and we pray through this he inherits our love for books, too.

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