Thursday, April 9, 2009

He’s Got The Beat

While willing ourselves to sleep the other night, hubby tinkered with his celfone and started playing music he’s stored in there in the last year. He played music of all sorts, and before you know it, I was already humming to the tunes (so much for trying to sleep, huh!).

He asked whether baby could hear whatever music’s playing and I said yes. That was his cue to put his celfone next to my belly to see if baby’s going to react. None of the songs he played made Baby D budge…except for one. A rave song by The Porn Kings got him stirring so wildly in my tummy that hubby even suggested he’s probably partying already in my hotel uterus. We experimented by playing other songs, but felt no movements. When hubby played the song again, he started moving about along with the beat.

I hope my son doesn’t come out to be a party person at a very young age :) He’s supposed to enjoy listening to Vivaldi, Mozart and Beethoven music, but for some reason, he likes the more upbeat tunes. I hope that isn’t a bad thing. Nonetheless, we like it that he reacts to music now these days – whatever kind he prefers.

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