Monday, April 20, 2009

the dome

...that is my belly.

with my bulging tummy, i can no longer see my feet.

at 24 weeks and 1xx lbs, i am getting heavier (and bigger) by the day. my feet aren’t swollen yet, but standing too long has become a pain already. the other night while cooking and doing the dishes, the heels of my feet felt so sore that i had a difficult time getting some sleep. i tried to prop my feet to a firm pillow, which unfortunately did not work. thank goodness when i woke up the following morning, the pain was gone!

check up went well, too, last Saturday. i went to see a male doctor this time. he’s ok – a warm and friendly type of doctor, and Ryan agreed with me. i was asked to take the Glucose Screening Test to see whether i have gestational diabetes or not. thankfully, the results came back stating that my glucose tolerance is normal *yey!*

on my next visit, my new OB will do an ultrasound to see how the baby’s progressing. i don’t have to pay any extra charge for that as he will do the scan himself. we’re so excited to have a glimpse of our little boy again!

last Friday, we also started moving the baby items we’ve accumulated to the drawer which we’re going to use for his stuff. i was so surprised at how much we’ve gotten already as the two drawers were already filled with things, with the bottom one containing the boppy pillow that took so much space. and to think we haven’t started shopping for clothes yet. ayayay!


Big Eyed Gal said...

Hi Gracie! Glad that you're negative on your Glucose Screening test. Keep up the good healthy mommy routine. :)

Gracie said...

hi valerie,
thanks, dear! am so happy about in! i felt relieved 'cos it means kahit na may cheat days ako (when giving in to cravings), healthy pa rin ang pagbubuntis ko.

Munchkin Mommy said...

Yey for a negative result on the oral glucose test! I failed that! But I was able to control my bloodsugar levels through sensible diet. Hee hee. :D

It's going to be more uncomfortable as your tummy becomes bigger but it's gonna be all worth it! *hugs*

Joanne MV said...

Wow! Your belly is so big :)

Ako kaya kelan? Hehehehe

Gracie said...

hi weng,
i was so happy when i learned na normal values lang ang result ng test ko. pero still being careful of what i eat & drink. mahigpit si mahal na asawa...hehe!
excited na rin akong lalong lumaki belly ko, kahit sabi nilang mahirap. *hugs back to you!*

Gracie said...

hi joanne,
in time, sis, dadating din sa'yo ang pinakaaabangang blessing nyo. God likes giving surprises eh :)

Jade said...

ang cute naman ng pic ng belly mo. have a safe pregnancy!

Joanne MV said...

Thanks Gracie! Ü