Wednesday, April 1, 2009

copping out

yes, i am copping out from anything related to shifting or cleaning apartments! i don’t plan on doing the entire thing all over again in the next 5 years! i’m so beat i couldn’t keep my eyes open because all my body wants to do is sleep and get some proper rest.

i’m hiring a maids’ services on Saturday because i don’t think i can even manage to pick up a broom and sweep our floors. husband was doubly tired - totally unfair for me to delegate him more tasks after the four-day move. we were lucky on some things, but unlucky on others. let me tell you more about them in detail:

lucky strikes:
- Home Centre is on sale so we bought a few pieces of new furniture at 25% off the original price. we bought a new bed frame, a new mattress, a pair of bedside tables, a dining table and a bigger shoe rack. huge savings!
- bought the items we needed from Ikea and scheduled them for delivery on Saturday (yes, there were stocks of those items what we wanted!). we needed to get a new TV rack for the bigger LCD (we don’t want it mounted), a coffee table and a changing table and cabinet for the baby.
- we were able to immediately sell our old furniture and window A/Cs. the items were sold so quickly we didn’t have time to stress ourselves on what to do with them given the time constraint we have in handing over the keys to the old landlord.
- got our deposit back from SEWA after 24 hours of disconnecting the power and water connection.
- the movers were prompt last Friday so we were able to move our big stuff in 2 hours time. the amount we paid was very minimal, considering the work they’ve done.
- had our internet disconnected from our old flat with no fees.

the downs:
- Home Centre invoiced and delivered the wrong mattress to us! we spoke with them last night and pushed our case. after a heated confrontation, they’ve agreed to change the mattress provided that the mattress we’re returning isn’t stained or damaged.
- Ryan didn’t want the side tables i picked for the living room so we’re on the lookout again. hay! so tired na!
- we couldn’t find speaker stands for our rear speakers. i wonder why they don’t sell that much options here in the UAE.
- happy as we were that old furniture were nicked that easily, we were also sad because it left us having no bed to sleep on for 2 nights. we made do with a picnic mat (banig), bubble wraps and duvet as our cushion.
- had to file an emergency leave for two days because of the glitch with SEWA. we had to go to their branch last Sunday to disconnect the power and water. then we had to come back to their head office twice last Monday because their system was down and they couldn’t release the deposit to me without seeing the autographs of their 3 signatories, which i personally had to deal with because the account was under my name.
- the movers scratched and dented my beloved washing machine, which was a gift from our good friend, K.
- applied for internet connection for the new flat, but was told that since the building is brand new, no lines are available yet for them to connect to. O.M.G!! this is a disaster!!
- oh, and did i forget to mention that it rained on all those 4 days? *bummer!*

i am just so relieved that the move is now over. all we need to do is organize our stuff and keep our flat spic and span and we’re all set to welcome guests. we plan on holding a housewarming party on May and have the flat blessed by Father Zachy, but we’ll see how it goes first. it’s not easy to move around lately as i now have a growing balloon of a tummy, and i can’t have the husband do everything as he’s had several asthma attacks during the move.

oh, heavens help us!

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