Friday, April 10, 2009

and she said yes

my Mom was in a very good mood when i spoke to her over the phone the other day. at last, she finally committed she’s coming to town in time for my giving birth. she will take a long leave from work and will be staying with us for a couple of months before the nanny she recommends flies in. we felt so assured now as we have been worrying so much about having a reliable help to look after me and the baby. and childcare has also been sorted so that’s one major thing taken out of our list *hooray!!*

i have been convincing my Dad to come over even for a week or two to stay with us while my Mom is here. he couldn’t promise though because they have so many projects lined up right now, and he is saving all his holidays for his vacation on December in time for our planned baptism of Baby D. it’s a long shot, but i really hope he can make it. anyway, it’s still months away and plans can still change, right?


cheche said...

hi gracie! good thing your mom agreed to come over in time for the birth. iba din kasi when you have your mom with you. mas me peace of mind ka and she'll be able to help you jump-start things talga.

ngayon, sobrang appreciated ko presence ng mom ko. without her, i dont know how i would have coped with the list of things needed before the brat comes. at least ngayon, pd na lumabas si baby anytime. ay, nd pa pala. i ihavent packed my hospital bag yet! =D

take care =D

Gracie said...

hi che,
i am so relieved when my Mom told me she's coming. i was so worried because when i asked her when we were on holiday, she didn't say a word...parang 'di interested.
good that your Mom is also there for you. daming dapat intindihin when you're giving birth. it's reassuring to know your Mom is just an arm's length away to help.