Wednesday, March 18, 2009

the ride - check!

(see, i told you i’m getting crazy about baby shopping! am i starting to sound like Becky Bloomwood already?)

last night, baby’s travel system was finally delivered to our doorstep. the set was our first purchase for the little angel, and we decided to buy it because we thought it’s wise to buy the more expensive ones first before the smaller items that we might even end up getting as gifts. during the Dubai Shopping Festival last January, we had a look around the baby shops here to canvass how much we’d need to spend on baby essentials. and before we knew it, we were ordering a push chair and a car seat already! we couldn’t resist the offer because they were on sale and we ended up saving AED 900 (USD 245).

these are what we got from Good Baby, who’s the official distributor of Quinny and Maxi-Cosi in the UAE:

4-wheel drive... an unusual blue color

the royal seat in the car

unfortunately, they ran out of Strawberry and Storm colors, so it was a toss between Breen and Capri. hubby won with his choice, which is an unusual color for a Buzz 4. we were lucky there were still a few stocks left of the Phantom color for the Maxi Cosi Cabrio-Fix car seat because we wanted something neutral. we didn’t buy the Easy Base though ‘cos we thought it’s quite pricey for something that’s gonna be used only for a few months.

considering the other items in our list that we need to buy, we were happy that we were able to scrap off these two items immediately.
apart from the expenses of antenatal and delivery, which i’m happy to note that my health insurance will fully cover, these two gets the biggest chunk of our budget, and we are pleased we were able to pay for them ahead. the remaining items in our list are mostly for clothing, bathing, sleeping (courtesy of my bessie) & diapering. i’m not worried about those ‘cos they’re easier to get once we move to our new place.


AEC said...

great buy ha! ;) naku, exciting talaga to shop for the little one. :)

Gracie said...

hi mandy,
oo nga eh! we were pleased with ourselves kasi ang laki ng savings. addictive mag-shop for kids pala, no?

Eper said...

I also like Quinny but it's sooo expensive and they only have the 3-wheel in Rustans. Would you believe it's PhP 36K?!

Gracie said...

hi eper,
whoah! that's so expensive! it didn't cost us that much naman when we bought the Quinny here. it was just a few hundred dirhams more expensive than Maclaren so we thought it's a good buy already.

Anonymous said...

i hope you dont mind but how much is quinny buzz 3 there in Dubai? thanks

Gracie said...

hi anonymous,
thanks for swinging by! it's around AED1,750 or est USD476 here. but what we got was the Buzz 4 'cos it's easier to maneuver.