Thursday, March 26, 2009

overcast weather

yesterday after work, the husband & i passed by Ace Hardware to rent a trolley for our weekend move. we also passed by Ikea to have a quick dinner and buy some cleaning brushes. since the Dubai Festival City now offers the eco-carwash system, which we’ve tried and tested several times, we decided to have our car washed since Yumi’s looking so filthy already from the past days’ sandstorms.

i suppose you’ve already guessed what happened next. yes, just after the car was washed and cleaned like a brand new mean machine, rain started to pour as we were just a kilometer away from our building. with a stroke of bad luck, Yumi also lost her rear window wiper ‘cos the carwash guy didn’t put it back properly. tsk, tsk! and to make matters worse, we didn’t have an umbrella in the car (not that we use it frequently anyway as it rains here for like 5 times in a year!) so that meant i had to scram away from the vehicle to get some shelter while carrying a bag that has a patina to protect.

this morning as we were leaving the building, the skies were dark and heavy, wind was gusting and it was drizzling. when we got off the bend to get to the highway, rain started to pour, and it was non-stop until we got to our destination. for a brief moment, it felt like being in Manila again. we were at Chowking having breakfast along with other Filipinos, while outside the window, a lot of Pinoys were walking about with their umbrellas. it was like being home on a rainy day of July!

Hazel told me it even rained hail last night, too. she was on the way to the mall when she thought someone was throwing pebbles at her car. looks like it would be a wet weekend, which i hope & pray for isn’t! we’re moving flats, and the last thing we need is a damp weather. oh please, heavens, not this weekend! (yes, Coldplay fans – i’m praying with you, too!)


AEC said...

the weather's so weird no? Even here it rained
for a few days. Use a protective spray for your vachetta--mine's been caught in rain (well drizzle
lang) and there's not a single water spot on it. :) Shining Monkey rocks!

Gracie said...

hi mandy,
yep, effects of global warming!
i'd have to get that Shining Monkey (though it rarely rains out here!). thanks for the tip! :) may utang pa kong tag sa'yo!