Sunday, March 22, 2009

halfway through

i had my check up today with my OB, Dr. Dawn Robinson, and was given the great news that the results of my ultrasound were ‘beautiful’ *music to my ears!* my placenta is finally moving up (no longer sitting next to the cervix) and everything is going well. ahm, well, not everything actually. i gained 2.9 kg since my last check up, which she thinks is excessive for a month’s time, so i need to cut down on my rice intake and watch what i eat. to watch out for any UTI comeback, she also ordered for a urine culture to see if there’s any infection that we need to keep track of.

baby's profile at 20 weeks & 1 day

sadly, my doctor is moving back to the US by end of this week, so that means our encounter today was the last one we’d ever have. she wished me good luck and had advised me to pick my new doctor who will look after me until i give birth. i really like my city girl of a doctor so much, but i’ve no other choice, so with a slightly heavy heart, i booked my next appointment with another OB-GYNE whom i’m convinced is excellent to take care of me and Baby D.

on the lighter side of things, it was also confirmed that we’re having a boy indeed! yey! i’m impressed with the sonographer during the nuchal testing – he was able to spot right there and then our baby’s gender – and he was damn right! now that we’re 100% sure Baby D’s a li’l squirt, Mommy can start shopping for his other baby essentials and can finally choose the colors fitted for a prince. i’m getting more and more keyed up by the day!

i'm a boy!

so, how’s the Daddy-to-be doin’ so far? he’s very excited and was so thrilled to hear the news that he’s asked me to scan the pics and send it to him straight away. who wouldn’t be when you know you’d have a 'little you' coming your way soon? :)


Vanniedosa said...

congrats sa baby boy!!!:) wow. ur guys super excited na for sure! hehehe in a few weeks time i'll know na din if boy or girl ang akin.

hopefully GIRL ahahaha
ako din eh nagpa URINE Culture. negative naman thank god.

have a safe pregnancy gracie!

Gracie said...

hi vannie,
yes, super excited na talaga! and happy to know rin na negative ako sa UTI from my last urine culture *big sigh of relief!*
have a safe pregnancy, too & take care!