Wednesday, March 4, 2009

circus day

last Thursday, i dragged the husband to watch the Chinese State Circus in Dubai Festival City. it was a 2-hour show, which i must say was quite entertaining. but to be honest, amidst all the spectacular stunts the performers did (especially the talented ladies!), what made us enjoy the show the most was the crowd. such appreciative spectators *picture oohhs and aahhs from 3 year-olds*!

i’m glad we did take time to watch. it gave us something to do on a lazy Thursday night (not that we don’t have much to do – we still have a lot of stuff to pack!) i liked the bicycle ride stunt the most where 15 people rode a single bike – great balance! i wish i bought my camera with me, but i was too lazy to.

i hope next time we could watch the Cirque de Soleil at Ibn Battuta Mall. but that needs a bigger budget ‘cos i’d like to watch it from the best seat of the house *wishful thinking!*. oh well, let’s see if i’ll be lucky and get free tickets for that.


Joanne MV said...

In celebration of W@W 10th Anniversary, here's a tag to reminisce our W@Wie days -

kelly said...

di ba there's a cirque de soleil show at the venetian macau? were you able to catch it? we're going to macau this may and i am hoping *cross fingers* to see it =)