Tuesday, March 24, 2009

the big move

….is happening this weekend - wish us luck! i’ve found a trusted mover that can help us with our stuff, and we also found a buyer for our two aircon units who will purchase them for a fair price. yey, now we have a budget to get a new fridge! (i’m still working it out if he can buy our old fridge, too!)

last weekend was so tiring for us, but we’re happy we managed to do a lot of legwork related to the move. we even had time to spare to attend a birthday party and answer a friend’s S.O.S. we have signed the contract for the new flat’s lease, settled all payments & deposits, and got the keys turned over to us. we also moved a number of small items to our new flat. thanks to Ace Hardware’s Rental Scheme, we were able to borrow a trolley for a minimal fee (AED 23 – USD 6.25), which helped Ryan immensely in moving lots of boxes and items at a time without having to worry about breaking his back! we were treated afterwards to good company & a nice dinner meal courtesy of my cousin, Sarj.

this week will be a lot busier for us but we really don’t mind. we’re excited to move to our new home, and we can’t wait to start decorating (and baby proofing!) it.


Ozzy's Mom said...

good luck with the move gracie :)

Gracie said...

hi vannie,
thanks, girlfriend! hope all's good with you, the little boy, and the angel in your tummy :)