Tuesday, March 17, 2009

baby stuff shopping and some updates

online shopping can be so addictive!  i’ve recently discovered The Soft Landing, an online store that exclusively sells products free of BPA, PVC & Phthalates, and i couldn’t get enough of it! i thank my lucky stars that they ship here in the UAE! :)  despite the shipping costs, i still liked buying from them because i know i’ll never be able to find their products here (i’ve already combed Baby Shop, BabiesRUs, Good Baby and Mothercare), plus they have almost everything that i need feeding-wise.

now that BPA-made bottles are a thing of the past considering the toxic implications they have on infants, the first items that landed on my shopping cart were the feeding bottles and extra nipples and accessories.  we didn't want to take any chances, so hubby and i decided on getting the Dr. Brown’s Polypropylene feeding bottles because of their good reviews, especially on their special two-piece internal vent system that prevents feeding problems like colic, spit-up, burping and gas.  a fellow blogger, Jane, swears by it, too. with the homework i’ve done,  i’m personally convinced they were a good buy.  it claims “it’s system is almost as close to breastfeeding as our baby can get”… i just hope Baby D will like it *cross fingers!*. 

other items we also bought were Nuby & Playtex sippy cups, Milkmate breastmilk storage bottles (which, by the way, are a lot cheaper than Medela), baby cubes, Sassy alphabet & numbers bathroom appliqu├ęs (for more water fun while bathing), Nuby & Je Je teethers for gnawing, Sassy feeding pots and bowls, and Nuby spoons (for when baby’s ready to eat solids) plus a Nosefrida Aspirator and a Kiddopotamus Bibbity Bib and Roll. for the total amount we’ve paid, we still saved lots of kachings, considering the exorbitant prices of baby stuff here.  and if there are shops that do sell a handful of them, they jack up the prices like crazy!  case in point: Dr. Brown’s Wideneck 4 oz 3-pack bottles were being sold at Mothercare for AED 210 (USD 57), and they weren’t even BPA-free…dang!

i enjoy window shopping so much!  little by little, i've been buying some baby stuff these days.  in fact, it has become my stress reliever.  it keeps me from feeling anxious about my pregnancy and worrying about stuff that i shouldn’t be worrying about (trust me, reading a lot can sometimes bring you unnecessary distress!).  i’m a few days halfway through (my 20th week is on Saturday) and this Sunday, i have a check up and scheduled ultrasound to see how baby’s progressing in my belly. i pray everything’s alright with the little one, who has now become my little tickling machine.  baby’s moving a lot these days, which i welcome as a good sign.  and finally last Friday, Ryan was able to feel his kicks and squirms, much to the Daddy-to-be’s delight :)


tracypamela said...

Hi Gracie, glad to know everything is well with your pregnancy. Sarap mag shopping for the baby noh. I also bought Dr. Brown Bottles na set. I was also convinced by Jane na its really a good brand. Bumili din ako Avent kasi si Nikki naman sabi ok daw yun. We'll have to see din kasi what our baby will like eventually.

Anonymous said...

hi! i've been an avid silent visitor (from hawaii) of your blog for a while now. congratulations on your pregnancy! babies are pure joy. can't help but comment on this post coz im also a mom (to a 6 month-old baby girl now) and i remember going crazy shopping in preparation for my little one before.our initial basic purchases then were a travel system, crib, mattress, double electric breastpump, bouncer and swing, among others. i suggest you get the book "baby lists" by elaine farber. it was one of the most useful baby books i had. it has a master shopping list for all the baby stuff you should buy, how many to get and reviews on the brands. it even had lists for what to pack for the big day, questions when interviewing pediatricians, nannies, choosing a hospital, making a birthing plan,etc. i highly recommended it for first-time parents.anyway, hope you have an easy and healthy pregnancy!:)

with much warm aloha,
mommy leigh

Alicia [The Soft Landing] said...

I'm so glad to hear you were able to find all the non-toxic feeding gear you needed at The Soft Landing!

Thanks so much for mentioning us - it means a lot :)


Gracie said...

hi tracy,
oo nga, enjoy talaga mag-shop & mag-look around :) i just pray our baby will love Dr. Brown's 'cos we don't wanna switch to another brand..hehe! although we also considered Avent. we'll see how it goes na lang. enjoy your baby stuff shopping, too! take care!

Gracie said...

aloha mommy leigh,
thank you for swinging by my little niche! :) and thanks also for the suggestion...i'll check it out! appreciate the well-wishes, too. appreciate your comment here.

Gracie said...

hi alicia,
wow, you found my little corner in the blogosphere :) it's my pleasure to make mention you guys. you've made my life a lot easier so you deserve the credit. please keep me posted on your new products .all the best!