Saturday, February 14, 2009

a V happy day

valentine's day will always be a special occasion for me and the husband. never mind that others say it's only a marketing strategy to get people spend money. for us, we really don't care. Valentine's Day will forever be special in our hearts. back in college, the UP Feb Fair always landed on the week of valentine's day. i suppose the Student Council (or tradition) thought that Feb Fairs will be more fun if there's an occasion to go with it. looking back, we had wonderful valentine's day celebrations since our college years. it was one of our much awaited ocassions.

and today was no different. it was made very special by Ryan, as always.

not wanting to get stuck in traffic as tomorrow is a work day, we had lunch reservations instead at Il Rustico Restaurant in Rydges Plaza Hotel. it was my pick, and i chose it because i promised Ryan long, long time ago that i will bring him there one day so he can taste their delectable pizza and pasta. Il Rustico was once a glorious restaurant
praised for its authentic Italian servings. but Time Out Magazine has been harsh on them since 2007. despite the poor reviews, we still gave them a chance. i know they deserve so because i've been there last November when i underwent training, and my dining experience was great.

i didn't expect that the husband would still bother to get me flowers, but he did. on the way to the resto, we passed by Oleander, our trusted florist, and he picked up the flowers he ordered for me. i just stayed in the car and waited for my surprise. normally, he would have them delivered to my office, but today being a weekend, he opted to pick them up himself and hand them over to me. the bouquet was so lovely i was grinning from ear to ear :D

afterwards, we went straight to the restaurant to have lunch. our reservation was at half past twelve, but since we came early (12 noon), we were the first customers for the day. we had the resto to ourselves for a good half an hour before people started coming in. we were supposed to try their salads, but stopped ourselves when we were served warm bread and their famous baked garlic for appetizer. i ordered Baby Penne pasta with grilled prawns served in olive oil based cream sauce, while the hubby went for the pasta special of the day - Spinach Pasta with asparagus, smoked salmon and cherry tomatoes. it was my first choice but since i'm pregnant, i decided to go for a safer option. we also ordered Capricciosa pizza which we didn't finish because we're stuffed silly, so we took the leftovers home for merienda. for dessert, hubby had Tiramisu, which i wasn't able to taste, too because it had coffee liquor on it. i told him he has to take me back there after i give birth!

the food we chose didn't disappoint - they were delectable up to the last bite. i don't know why they were given bad reviews by the magazine. i suppose it's because compared to other Italian Restos in town, theirs is perhaps the most affordable you could find. our bill was the same as eating at any family resto here, but food, service and ambiance was way better. it's sad that people here measure the restaurant by its bill, not by its taste.

my happy Vday didn't end there. being the preggy that i am, i tend to doze off in the afternoon during weekends. when i woke up, this greeted me in the hallway:

i cannot thank the husband enough! he knows i've been wanting to get a bigger LCD TV for the longest time, and now it has finally come true! last Christmas, i didn't ask for a gift from him because he already gave me an expensive ring on our anniversary. i wasn't expecting a present such as this on Vday. i feel so loved!!

hon, you've outdone yourself yet again.
thank you so much for making this day special for me! i love you to the moon and back!

happy valentine's day everyone! spread the LOVE! :)


gracious said...

Happy Valentine's day Gracie.
That's a great surprise. Lovely flowers, too. :)

I super luv UP Fair. I think I went every year in my 4 years in UP. Taga dorm kasi, so super convenient. My hubby and I went to UP Fair for our first Valentine date. :)
Take care.

Jacqui Co-Soriano said...

hey gracie, UP Iska ka din pala... hehehe! Like you, I look forward to UP Fair ex-bf(s) kasi both fratman, kaya may mga harana nights sila pag Valentine's day. Wala lang, nakaka-aliw to reminisce! hehehe!

Btw, love the samsung LCD. kami we had it wall-mounted, libre pa wall-mount dito sa manila! Dyan ba libre din? Anyway, enjoy your big tv! (ay naku, si husband lagi nanonood dyan, PBA! hehehe!)

Belated Happy v-day!

Gracie said...

hi gracious,
that's sweet! memorable din pala sa inyo ni hubby ang Feb Fair :) i don't know but there's something really special about Feb Fairs, no? simple lang but it's so magical *mushy*
happy vday, too! sure yours went great.

Gracie said...

hi jacqui,
yep, certified isko't iska kami ni hubby :) madami talagang memories ang Feb Fair...sarap din balik-balikan :D
love my new TV! very happy with its size. he almost picked the 52" too much na! free din wall mount dito. did i tell you the TV came with a free 32" LCD? cool no? :)

Mich said...

awww, love the flowers gracie! :)

belated happy vday!

Jacqui Co-Soriano said...

Ah talaga kayo ni husband UP. Let me guess, econ kayo noh?! hehehe! Ako naman Home Eka-nanay, HRA grad ako. Ay naku nasa news ngayon yun gulo sa UP Fair last Friday. Nagka-gulo sa free concert. Tsk..tsk...

Anyway, really may free LCD TV dyan?! Wala dito yan ah, promo dito ka-bundle na home theater. Tipong you add P5K (or P15K), may home theater system na. Package na 6-speaker surround system, dvd/vcd player. Yun ang na-avail namin. We got the 42" naman. Sakto for living room. Laki siguro ng 52" mo?! Hahaha! Pero really nice Samsung brand. Good buy!

Gracie said...

hi jacqui,
dito ang promo nila series 6 na 46" with free 22". pero yung sa min, series 5 46" then 32" ang free. good buy talaga! :)
naku, hindi ako econ (though 1st choice ko yun!). comm arts hubby applied math - both grads of UPLB.

Gracie said...

hi mich,
thanks! will be posting more of the macro shots in the next coming days :)belated happy vday!

Joanne MV said...

Wow! Lucky you sis! :)

Gracie said...

hi joanne,
thanks sis! i'm just milking my preggy days kse spoiled nang sobra sa hubby! :)