Thursday, February 5, 2009

Pregnancy Updates

Wednesday last week, I had my nuchal translucency screening at the Fetal Medicine Center in Dubai Healthcare City. It was a test to find out the risk of the baby having down syndrome. All in all, it was a pretty easy procedure. The sonographer just measured the fluid behind baby’s neck and checked whether it has a nasal bone. They also took a couple of vials of blood from me, and both test results were merged to come up with a final result. Thank heavens the results came out normal! The official results in paper came in last Monday afternoon and my risk was in a ratio of 1:16905.

I’ve had screening for like 5 times already since I conceived, and this most recent one is my favorite of all. Know why? Because I got to find out the gender of the baby. The sonographer told me that it’s 90% accurate, but I already had the same feeling the moment I learned I was expecting.

Although Ryan wasn’t with me during the screening as he had to be at work, he didn’t miss much because the entire 7-minute sonogram was saved in a DVD. As soon as we got home, the Dad-to-be eagerly watched the video and was so happy to see that baby is doing fine.

So here’s the first video of our little angel. Let me know what you think about the baby’s gender, alright?



Crinklynose said...

sis, congrats!! looks like there's something sticking out in between the baby's legs, so i'm guessing you're having a boy? how far along are you na kasi? thought they said it's more accurate if you wait until about 18-20w para mas clear kung anong gender. but irrespective, looks like your baby is doing great :o) hahaa, enjoy your pregnancy sis :o) tc!

Gracie said...

hi berns,

you guessed it right :) i’m only on my 12th week & 4th day when the scan took place. i was surprised when the sonographer asked if i wanted to know the gender because he said he can easily tell. but we’re still gonna check around my 4th – 5th month to confirm. although i really feel it’s a boy ‘cos i’m raiding the fridge (and the entire pantry) like a growing teenager!!

i’m just so happy to learn that baby’s fine and development is according to the right size for its age. as usual, naiyak na naman ako!

Jacqui Co-Soriano said...

BOY, Gracie!! I just saw it in an instant without looking at your comment ... hehehe!

Was it planned and you consulted a chinese gender calendar? If yes, effective ba? :)

Anyway, Congrats!

cheche said...

welcome to the club gracie!! dito lhat ng buntis puro boys ang bb. yey!

had i known n pag big ang appetite e boy mas malamang ung bb, nd n ko umasa ng girl. wala akong kabusugan!

take care. nursery nmn next

Gracie said...

hi jacqui,
thanks jacqui! naku, we didn't plan it at all. pregnancy this time came as a surprise for us. we're just happy that baby is A-ok regardless of the gender.

Gracie said...

hi che,
when Ryan & i were newlyweds, i told him i want a boy as a first born. and then last year, after seeing baby girls being dolled up, i wanted a girl. ngayon ok na kahit anong gender.
and yes, totoo pala na 'pag todo ka sa pagkain, malamang boy ang baby mo. like you, i never feel full. i eat a lot but i don't gain much weight at all.

Big Eyed Gal said...

Congrats again Gracie! Great to hear that the results of the screening are all normal.

Ingat! :)

Eper said...

Wow! You're so lucky to find out the gender of your baby this early. I had an ultrasound at 14 weeks and they couldn't tell yet. My next one isn't until my 22nd week when I will have the genetic abonormality screening test as well. I hope the baby won't be shy by then so we'll know the sex :)

Naku, I don't have any appetite pa naman. Does that mean I'm having a girl? :)

Gracie said...

hi valerie,
thanks so much! we’re so relieved! and hoping and praying that everything will be fine until baby’s delivered.

Gracie said...

hi eper,
thanks for dropping by my site & welcome! yes, we’re pretty lucky our sonographer was good. and the machine they used was quite sophisticated. everything was clear – didn’t even have to hold my pee to keep a full bladder when i had my screening. we’ll still check around the 18th week just to be sure. although it’s already tempting to buy stuff for the baby!

i read in the book i’m using as a reference that when you are always feeling so hungry before you cross your 2nd trimester, there’s a chance your baby is a boy. but that’s just a study…malay mo, di ba? let us know how your screening goes in a few weeks’ time.

kelly said...

how fast na nadedetermine ang gender noh? yung friend ko din, less than 12 weeks pa lang baby nya, nalaman na nya na boy(din!)

napansin ko andaming boys na baby ngayon, and to think mas mahirap sila mabuo ha! ibig sabihin magagaling tayo sa pagtiming! hahaha!

Gracie said...

hi kel,
natawa ako sa comment mo! correct, ang galing ng timing natin :) i could really tell that we're having a boy - my appetite is unbelievable! i eat rice like a laborer & every 2 hours nagugutom ako!
ang high tech na talaga these days. kitang-kita sa screen na boy si baby...di mapagkakaila ;-)